CM18738 is it good for recording?

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I have this card lyng around (CM18738) is it good for recording?


Which brand to you have? That chip is used on lots of cheaper cards and on some motherboards – assuming it’s the one I think it is – CM is for C-Media and that’s a 5.1 (6 channel) device. Every one I’ve seen is really noisy, but that might not be the chip. It could be the manufacturers fault of the particular card I’ve seen.

I have a C-Media 5.1 chip (don’t know if it’s the same chip) on my motherboard and it’s REAL noisy. It clicks noticeably every time the CD drive starts or stops spinning.

yes its a C Media and it has only 1 line input, mic, & front and rear speaker out.

My experience with CMedia cards has not been very good. I’ve used an onboard CMedia sound chip (possibly CM1830?) a while ago which was very noisy, with the CD drive injecting lots of noise, as well as some from the hard drives - this may well be PCI bus activity inducing noise on the line in/out. I also had a PCI card using CMedia chipset which was nearly as bad as the onboard.

You’re probably better using a cheap Creative/Ecosonic card, but the best way to find out is try the spare card you have…