some of the better sites.

I want to start collaborating on songs with others,but i don,t know some of the more used sites for finding a partener.I want some of the more used sites so that its easyer to find someone to work with.Any of the more used collaborating sites email address will be great.

Thank you

I recommend going to:

Log in and browse around to link up with a lot a talented musicians. They will even give you some free space to upload your music and exchange tracks with collabors.

Best part…its free and run by fellow n-Trackers.



You find some let me know, too!

Anyway, I also recommend, hopefully you have better luck than I did. They seem to like metal, and songs put together with midi, over there, tee hee.

keep trackin’


I dunno, I tried once to start an online collab over at CC and got a whole bunch of responses. Of course it helps if people like your song and your demo representation of your idea.
I have nothing but good things to say about the site and the regulars over there :)