Open Request

Hello all,

I have a ton of studio equipment in my basement here in Germany. My problem is:

1. The guy who plays drums is out of town every three months for three months
2. The guy who plays bass sucks

I am by no means a guitar shredder, but I got some skills. I have been playing for about 35 years.

I have been listening to some of the posts here and noticed that hardly any of them have a lead guitar on them. Most of the songs are acoustic and I think I could add some fills in that would compliment them, (in my opinion). We could email .sng files back and forth and come up with something.

Just a thought. Anyone interested?


If you don’t get much response hear, I would suggest a few guitarist Web sites where you might find plenty of opportunity for collaboration:

Good luck with it.



I posted a backing track for you to listen to and to see if you were interested in trying to collaborate by adding a lead part to it. The track is all instrumental - and not acoustic. It is a piece that my son and I have worked on on-and-off for quite a while. I’ve always thought it might work well as an instrumental song with a lead track on top. Shea wants to write lyrics, but has not gotten around to it…

Anyway, the MP3 for the song can be reached by going to

My main page at Soundclick, then selecting the music page and then clicking on the song “Double Stop”;

Let me know what you think.



Sounds Great!!!

Let me jam with it for a while…

What key is it in???

Well, it hangs out around a minor, but I think that we have taken some liberties with regard to staying strictly in key. I have found it difficult to improvise against the track. That is one reason that there is no lead part.


I’ve been working on remixing a project that was recorded on a Tascam 38 some 10 years ago… It never got finished… I’ve ripped the songs from the tape but, that’s about all that was done sense the tracks got written to the hard drive. This is one song that I call a work-in-progress… of the project… It needs some guitar Harmony vocals and fill vocals and maybe some southern fiddle/fills…

I did some of the tracking… but I was never the producer…or arranger… so it was never discussed how the tracks that are needed were gonna be added…or how they were gonna be fit into into what is already there… I don’t think it was gonna be much “Out-Front” guitar used… Just-a-Taste…

The next part of the song that I was gonna do is to replace the drum tracks… They are only a ghost/guide to the final drum tracks…

Here’s a link to the mp3… Tascam 38 song The versions of the song that is posted may not be the latest mixes, but they should contain the song’s idea…

It needs some aka. Brent Mason style lines… Or Southern Traditional on an ES 335 style or a Chet Atkins Nashville style… That is… if I were the producer of these tracks… to keep it on a Southern Traditional Flavour…

If it’s not in your interests, I’ll understand…



I couldn’t find the MP3 when I clicked on your link.


There should be one dated 091306 and 011406 Right-click and then "Save-as"

Latest version.

Two versions are on this link…

I have other mixes but these are basiclly, the same,as…