Collected soundcard benchmarks

prototype now up

I got the prototype site with collected soundcard benchmark results. Give it a look and make comments. Some things I’ll be able to fix, some I won’t!

=> Collected RMAA Benchmark Results


I do plan to get rid of the 24_48 in the Soundcard field, plus a a few clues about the fields (e.g., “lowest is best”). Also, I’ll add more text to the page like how to submit results, where to get RMAA, etc. And I’d like to add a “thanks to” column showing where the results came from, but haven’t worked out the details on that yet.

If someone knows how to do active pages where we could click on a column to sort the entries by that column, that would be cool – just let me know. I can write the code to generate XML output, for example, and perhaps we could use a stylesheet – I’ve seen them do wicked things but the head space for it is so different from what I’m used to I don’t want to spend the time it would take.

And please keep sending your results!

I downloaded this app & I saw your instructions but how do you run in on an 8 channel card? Do I connect a single input/output, or stereo or what?

You do it with the first stereo pair of in/outs.