come on, not another one, you gimp


here’s a quick little acoustic pop jam. it would’ve been fun to play if i could’ve sat up normal-like. it’s about being stuck in a dink, backwards, super-gossipy town. for all of you who are or have been displcaed, this one’s for you. it’s called ‘roanoke’.

time to go listen to LordTerrin’s new tune. here’s the lyrics, and they’re also in the soundclick file.

Copyright 2008

No, there ain't that much to do here
‘Cept to kick around the dog
And even that gets pretty old
When the locals all go crazy
There's nowhere to escape them
Nowhere out of their backwards eye

Sometimes I want to quit this town
Pack up and disappear
Turn up missing, never to return
Vanish from the Earth

Such a tiny little map dot
Filled with nosy little perverts
Word travels faster than light here
I'm a stranger in a strange land
Yeah, I know I don't belong
I passed the first grade the first time

So long, good-bye

Nice performance jdet. Where’d that come from?

Good chords and melody, good lyrics, great song, I dig the quick pick runs between the phrases, I would only say some of the quick chord strums aren’t real tight with the brushes. Really good harmonies, your vox are getting better and better, I like the break to silence toward the end. Good one!

You better be careful. You might become popular if you keep writing and recording like this.


D Critic

nix-i agree on the tightness of the guitars/snare. i did as many takes as i could (lying on my back/elbow while playing) before the discomfort told me to call it a day. i would’ve liked to have done better, though. the challenge of making a recording at all helps keep me sane on the very long, uneventful, largely bed-ridden days. thanks for all the nice comments, though!

Yep, that’s a good song.

Just stating the obvious!