Coming Home

collab from CC

Final mix on a collab from CC.
This is my first finished collab
that I mixed. Critque welcome.

Hey Bill… there you are. I wondered where you’d been hiding :slight_smile:

Very nice job on the mix. Smooth sound. Which parts did you play?

Nice string patch and bgv’s. I like the reverb on them.

Nit picking…

I listened on my PC speakers and then on my nearfields in my studio.

For me, it’s a bit too “wide”. The guitars… are they hard-panned left and right? My first reaction was that the ld vox was a bit distant, but I think it’s just that the guitars sound like the’re in a different room to the rest. There seemed to be a gap between the guitars and the vox? Seemed more obvious later in the song. Maybe I was listening to closely. Ditto the crash cymbals. Too wide? Or maybe a bit too loud?I found them a bit distracting.

All in all a great job Bill. Well done.



Hey Mark! Great to hear from ya! Thanks for the critque!
Yea, I had the guitars panned very hard! (Still learning)
F-jam did drums. He gave me a premixed drum track. I really didn’t wanna attempt mixing drums too! :D Had my hands full with everything else.
I did 4 guitars and bass. (2 acoustic, 2 elect, and bass)
Larsalt from Germany did all vox and all keys. He submitted a lead vocal track and a mixed backup vocal track. He also gave me a keyboard strings track and an organ track.

I recorded my acoustic guitar tracks with a fruity loops track
and posted the basic structure. Lars came back with a song
idea. So we built it from there. These were a couple of great
guys to work with. This is actually my first completed collab
that I originated and mixed. I used my Zoom recorder to track my guitars and did the mix in N-track. I have terrible latency
issues when recording thru my Sound Blaster Live.(even after all the tweaks you gave me.)

Just having fun! :D

Later Bro…

God Bless


Nice job.

Excellent song and performance. Nice leads.

Overall…clean, well mixed, professional sound. Above all, enjoyable listening.

Thanks for sharing.


Nice uplifting tune.

Shows you can still write a good tune with E and A chords.


Thanks for the listens and comments guys!