Command line options?

Using n-Track to play multichannel files

Greetings all,

I was just told about n-Track from a friend who uses it and I’m hoping it could be the solution I’m looking for…

I need a simple ASIO windows command line multichannel wav player that can play/stream 16 channel WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE 24/96 wav files to an ASIO sound card.

If WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE isn’t supported I could also import the 16 channels into a n-Track project but I would still need a way to have an external program I have written in VB.NET call the player, pause it, etc.

I even tried, unsuccessfully, last year to hire someone to write such a player. Full details of the problem I faced are at:…yer.htm

I have since decided not to use a Terratec EWS88D in favor of a card with S-MUX support or perhaps a RME MADI card or a Lynx AES 16

If anyone knows if n-Track could be made to work for my situation your advice would be greatly appreciated.


Unless there are some amazing undocumented command-line options that I’ve never heard of, N-track won’t do what you want. The only command-line parameter I know of is to specify an N-track project file (.sng) for opening and editing–no automated playback, etc. N-track is primarily a multi-track recording tool, not a player. Wish I had an alternative recommendation for you, but nothing comes to mind; perhaps someone here will chime in. Sorry! :(


You can control n-Track (play, pause, record, volume levels, etc) trough midi, maybe this can replace the command line.