New Song

New song called “Week”. Interested in your comments. About 95% done on nTrack 5.0 and the drums in Reaper.

DF, that is good.
Tell us how the various things were recorded. Post more songs.


Great stuff, I enjoyed that immensely!
I could certainly hear your influences :agree:


DF - top notch job. Great recording and performance, but I REALLY love the song writing.


Excellant job DF, I agree with T on the song writing. Super!


Thanks for the comments! This song came about quite easily, which to me is always an indication of something special.


I was just listening again to your song. Dang, I like it. Tell me a little about the process you use to get from no idea at all to completed project. Did you write lyrics first? Start recording with a click track?


tspringer - thanks again for the comments! It always seems a bit strange to put hours and hours into a song whose final purpose is for a small handfull of people to hear it. So much effort for so little outcome - but I enjoy listening…

To answer your question, I have a 1967 Yamaha Studio upright piano that I write most of my stuff on. Its a beauty and sounds fantastic. For this song, I came up with the verse and verse melody (no lyrics yet) a year ago, but “shelved” the part because I could never find anything to go with it. It was the result of noodling around on the piano. I heard the chorus melody in my head a few months ago, and found the chords on the piano. No lyrics at that point. On a whim, I put the chorus and the old, forgotten verse together, and poof the song was born.

The first lyrics that came about was the chorus after a hell of a summer at work. I had some killer (literally) weeks that I thought were going to give me a heart attack, so I put that experience at focal point of the song. The lyrics took a lot of tweaking, but honestly came pretty easily.

No click track. For the music, the drums were written first using ezDrummer ( This was done in Reaper as ezDrummer doesn’t work well with nTrack. I exported the drums into nTrack and recorded everything else in nTrack (24 bit, 96,000 sampling rate). I had already heard the rest of the instruments in my head for a month, so laying them down was easy. The only hard part was ensuring the piano and bass were almost perfectly in sync with the drums. I did have to zoom into nTrack and slightly nudge piano and bass wav files back and forth to sync closely with the drums. Had a not done that, the parts would have been rythmically sloppy. The piano is a Yamaha MM6 synth using the default piano patch. The bass is a 2001 Fender precision. The guitar is a 1986 Fender Nashville Telecaster through a Pod XT.

The brass/horn tracks in the bridge and end are about 15 different sounds layered together. I tried to “play” them authentically to not sound artificial. I’m happy with the final result.

The vocals were recorded with a decent MXL condenser mic with fairly heavy limiting into an ART tube preamp. I had a nasty head cold when I sang them, but the strain of my voice actually produced some “grit” in the vocals which helped give the song some edge (it isn’t supposed to be entirely happy).

Mixing was easy but I do know the final mix came out very loud. I guess its better than coming out too quiet and lifeless, right? I’ll remix at some point and tame the levels a bit.

Thanks again for the comments! Feel free to pass the MP3 around to anyone you think might like it.

Others have already said it, but I’ll say it too: this is great. You’ve really nailed the pop song bang on.

You mentioned the mix being “too loud”. Was this from program-level compression? Or were you pushing the individual tracks? I’d really like to hear this again if you pull it back. There seems to be quite a bit of distortion on the beat.

Are the solo guitars anticipating the beat a little too much at 1:56? They seem a little too early to me.

And I think you could bring up the scat vocals at the end. They fit great, so let’s hear 'em!

Thanks for putting this up! Really enjoyable.


Kbub - thanks! This is a special song to me as I think it actually has some commercial appeal (with a better singer).

You said:

You mentioned the mix being “too loud”. Was this from program-level compression? Or were you pushing the individual tracks? I’d really like to hear this again if you pull it back. There seems to be quite a bit of distortion on the beat.

No - there’s no compression on the main mix nor on any track except the doubled vocals.

The fill at 1:56 is weird (intentionally so) so the lead guitar might sound like its jumping in a bit early. When I remix the track, I might put a more normally timed drum fill in there and see how it works.

With regards to the “scat” vocals on the end, I totally agree! Version 2.0 will have these up a bit.

Thanks again!

I won’t go over what’s been already said ( I’m also getting quite a bit of distortion)

The main thing is…This is a killer song! You really wrote something special.

Great stuff!


Your song ‘Week’ contains all the elements of a top notch composition.
The choice of instruments, the overall melody, the lyrics, the harmonies -
all very very good. I like the tempo of the song.
You have a really good singing voice.
As I listened to it (several times) - I thought WOW, I need a TV show
to go with this song. So I asked myself - Is this commercial?
Well maybe so - but it’s GOOD commercial! I think I heard the ghost
of Roland Orzabal (one of my favorites) in there somewhere.
:whistle: :whistle:

7of11 - Thanks for the comments! I’m actually tweaking the mix a bit, fixing some of the tiny mistakes, and adjusting some of the levels based on comments here and elsewhere. Once the tweaks are done and a new mix is complete, it will be much better.

I’m a Roland O fan as well, and this song has a similar tempo to ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’. Thanks again!

Cool stuff! Very creative and melodic. Nice recording also.