complete MIDI newbie

gots me an maudio keystation 49e

Hiya. I’ve been using n-track for several years, but have just recently purchased an m-audio keystation 49e to start playing around with midi. Using Fruityloops I was able to play and hear results with the midi controller, but using n-track I was not successful.

I can see that it is recording what I am playing on the piano roll, but I do not hear anything. I’m pretty sure I tried all possible outputs…

Any thoughts?




I also use a Keystation 49 - and it works fine with ntrack, so it’s definitely your config.

1. Have you got the “Live” button activated?
2. In “Midi Devices”, have you got “In USB Keystation” set as one of your “MIDI Input ports” and on the same screen, is “Keep Devices Open” checked?

Hopefully this will get you going.

Ta John

Hi Jim,

if you can see what you have recorded on the piano roll then I’d say your setup is pretty much right.

What you need to do after recording the midi track is tell N what to play it back with.
In the properties for the midi track you need to make sure you are routing the track to the soft synth (or midi port if you are using an outboard unit) you want to trigger.
If you don’t have the softsynth to select then you need to insert it by going to
Track > MIDI > New Instrument channel

You will then be able to route to that synth