Complete re-installation

How to start from the very beginning?

I played a while with rewire channel and the result is unstable n-Track (instrument channels don’t work, for example). I don’t want to repair it; I just want to install it like the first time.

But now everytime I reinstall it I know that there are still some “remains” of previous n-Track somewhere in my WinXP and it is buggy again.

How to clean my computer completely? There some cleaners but I haven’t found anything freeware.

Hi Marcun:
There used to be a FREE utility found on this page… But mabey, it’s gone… I have v4.3 installed on my setups… It works O.K. and it does clean the registry if you’re careful what you remove when useing IT… And… I think it creates an un-DO file… if ya get into trouble…

Anyway, If you have XP, as your Desk. create a “System Restore” before you DO-the-DEED…

No Law-Suites now… :O and… What do I know… :p :laugh: Anyway…


If you mean wiping the HDD completely (we call nuking) and starting from scratch, you already have most of the tools in the Windows boot disk (Win98SE is a good one).

If you need to wipe the mbr (master boot record) because of a mbr virus, you can get a number of low level formatters (all free) from the various HDD manufacturers (eg. Seagate, WD, Maxtor, etc.). I use a little utility called Zap (made by IBM) found here, which simply wipes the area of the mbr.

Here is what I do when I nuke a computer.
1. Make a boot disk or CD (I use Win98SE) and add the Zap utility to it.
2. Boot from the boot disk (or CD)
3. Run Zap (Zap 0)
4. Run Fdisk (included on the boot disk) and create a partition

If you are loading Win9x do the following
5. Reboot (with boot disk)
6. Run Format (Format c:)
7. Go to the C: drive (c:)
8. Make a directory for the install files (eg. md win98)
9. Go into that directory (eg. cd win98)
10. Copy all the install files to C: (eg. Copy E:\win98*.* /v)
11. Run setup to install (eg. Setup)

If you are installing Win2K or XP, simply insert the CD and reboot.

Does that help?



I know that there are still some “remains” of previous n-Track somewhere in my WinXP and it is buggy again.

Why do you think this?

I would do a system restore and only reformat the HD as a last resort. Do you know you will lose EVERYTHING on your HD if you format it? A system restore only restores system settings, it wont replace deleted files and folders. In other words, if you deleted a program it won’t put it back. But if you have some messed up system settings, it will restore them to a point where the system was working fine.

I only point this out because a lot of PC makers today don’t ship hard copies of the Windows disks with new computers and it is very important to have a means to reinstall if you do decide to reformat the drive…and I don’t think you can “borrow” a copy from someone.



Before you format your HDD and reinstall windows try this:

- Uninstall NTrack

- Browse to C:\Program Files and see if there is an “N-Track” or “FASoft” folder there. If so, delete it.

*Before proceeding to the next step, it would be wise to create a system restore point, just in case…

- Open regedit (Click Start -> Run, type “regedit” then press ok)

- Ctrl + F and search for keys named N-Track (should be one under “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software” and another somewhere within “HKEY_USERS”). Delete the keys it finds.

- Re-install N-Track

Hope this helps


These “remains” are:

a) no question about licence key;
b) a question about keeping previous configuration after installation.

The data above must be stored somewhere in the registry, because I’ve deleted n-Track directory.

I gave up. I’ve re-installed both. .NET Framework and n-Track and unistalled Mad Tracker (rewire slave). Now everything seems to be OK.

Glad you didn’t go the reformat route. :)


Ahhh, where’s your “adventure”??

here: Skywalk - Grand Canyon, USA


Now that’s adventure!! I’d probably be shaking as much as I did after I reformatted my HDD and realized that I forgot to backup all of the pictures of our 25th anniversary getaway. My wife was ready to throw me into the Grand Canyon - head first. Fortunately I found a utility that was able to retrieve them. Thanks for the link Cliff. I should print that out to remind myself what it would be like the next time I try another stunt like that. :p

From experience; you need a DAW, and you need a general Internet/everything else PC.

If you don’t have two computers, then use two seperate partitions.

Look around the Web, and you’ll find a “Stripped to the Bone XP SP2”. You need a legal copy of XP to use it fully, but if you don’t have a legal copy then go and be a pirate elsewhere.

Format your disk/partition, then install the stripped to the bone XP.

Now you can install n-track, Cubase, Ableton, anything; and use your DAW and you won’t look back.

I’m not sure about the legality of the “stripped to the bone XP”, it comes from an audiowarez forum, but it’s lean, mean, and fast. And it’s very stable. But you need a legit copy of XP to use it fully, so don’t even think about downloading it unless you are legal.