Compressed file

How to Uncompress

I’ve recently received alot of interest in one of my older tunes. It was created about 4 years ago on another computer with an earlier version of n. I have it on my new computer. I can open the .sng file. I can see the tracks as I recorded them. But as soon as I click on anything whether it’s play, mute, record, solo, or whatever I get the error message that ntrack has encountered a problem and has to close. I really want to remix this song to make it the best I can because folks want to buy it. Recently, my computer gave me one of those “you’re running out of disk space” messages and one of the remedies was to compress old files. I believe this tune is one of the files that was compressed and so I believe this is why I can’t manipulate it or play it. I’ve tried renaming it. How can I un-compress it, or are there any other suggestions short of starting from scratch and re-doing this whole song?

Strictly guess work here on my part…

Can you play the individual .wav files in ANY program (like media player, perhaps)?

I’ll give it a shot and let you know. Thanks for the suggestion.

When you say you compressed them, you don’t mean that you used n-Track’s ability to create an .sgw file for archiving, I take it.
I don’t know how windoze compresses old files…someone here must know, however…whenever I’ve begun to run out of space I relegate that song to a back up disk (or 2, actually, just in case).
Do you by any chance have a back up of the song?

Don’t use Windows compression on your drives. It has to compress/decompress on the fly and absolutely kills performance. I once lost a pile of stuff because all of a sudden Winblows decided the compressed volume was “Inaccessible”… Ain’t worth the risk IMO.


Yup, learned my lesson D. What I ended up doing was to import each individual .wav file into a new .sng file. I had to re-align some of it and I lost a certain amount of editing capability.