Compressor demo version


This has not really bothered me before, but last night I really wanted the Fasoft compressor on the master channel of a track… and I discovered it is still restricted to demo version.

I purchased Ntrack at the right time to be able to upgrade to version 4 etc.

Am I right in assuming that the Fasoft compressor is the one that should be bundled with version 4?

I am on V 4.0.3 build 1746 still. I have not upgraded further as I don’t have XP service pack 2 yet.

I know this question might result in advice that I need to e-mail Flavio, and I will if needs be… but first I wanted to see if I might be able to solve the problem by a fresh download and re-install or something such as that.

Any advice much appreciated.



You are correct. Dunno why it would still show up as demo. Reinstall?