Compressor makes the music cutted off

we use n-track V2.x with the compressor plugin,

each time we play the files in n-track with used compressor plugin, some tracks of the curretn projects won´t be played anymore, they got muted on differnt timezones during playback.

when i putt off the compressor all went OK.

whats wrong with it ?

Its on all maschines i tested

AMD 800 MHz Duron, PIII 650, AMD Athlon 3200+.

sounds like the demo version of the plugin-which mutes the audio output every so often. I’d re-register the plugin if you have the codes or try a different compressor

i purchased the fa-soft compressor.

in n-track there are always two version available

V1.0 and V1.1 - which is the right ?

and as i remember the demo compressor is installed with every n-track version.

May be i should remove the demo compressor, but how ?

Reinstalling the fasoft (paid-for) plug-ins should fix the demo-mode problem if that’s it. The paid-for version is the one with the graphic display. The other (free) is just knobs.