Compressor "Knobs" Don't Turn

Hi all,

I haven’t been on in a while. Good to be back.

I just downloaded and installed build 1728 and I noticed that the Release Attack “knobs” don’t turn when changing values. The values themselves change as evidenced by the numbers above the knobs, but they don’t move like they used to. Anyone else seen this?


Yep, that is indeed a problem in 1728. Funny I didn’t notice. I’ve been fiddling with those all week.

hmm. looks as if you’re correct. not sure I would’ve noticed that.

All the versions I’ve had do have stationary attack and release buttons. Just the values change. Now I use build 1707.

I don’t mind at all, however. Knobs and mouse ain’t that good an idea. Sliders are much better.

Sure they move. Right click the knob and select “Angular Mode”. In linear mode, the scale is such that large mouse movements are necessary to see the knob motion.


Well…they WEREN’T working, but are now and 1728 is still the latest version. I almost always use angular mode, so what ever was causing them to not work wasn’t mode.

Strange. :)

Quote (phoo @ Dec. 13 2004,18:00)
Strange. :)

To quote Domino's commercial........Indeed, Indeed......... :D


Thanks for all the replies, guys,

I’m going to play around with them a little more - try the angular mode, etc. BUT - I closed the “always on effects” window and I don’t see how to get it back. How do I get back that window with the EQ and the Compressor??


There is Joy in Mudville tonight -:laugh:

Selecting “Angular Mode” enabled the knob rotation. Cool!
The question as to how to get the “always on” window back remains, however.