Computer config Q:  Check out my specs...

Hey. Allright, I’m running a later-model VIA chipset with a Celeron 2.0 GHz CPU, and 512 MB PC3200 RAM. I’ve had Cool Edit Pro 2 issues: If I put too much detailed action on the screen, like 6-8 tracks and zooming in for close work, Cool Edit might “have a problem” and close.

I’ve sent off for the registration for n-Track 4.whatever, 'cause I think it’s gonna really work for me, but maybe I should next look into this mobo issue. Think?

I’ve been using a Tascam US-428 with WDM drivers for CEP. Lately, there’ve been fewer problems (I upped my RAM from 128!), but I don’t want any more of this!

Any advice? Like, AMD 64 or P4? etc…


sounds more like a video problem to me… although upgrading is a good route. I recommend getting an AMD 64, to be able to upgrade to the 64 bit OS without having to purchase a new computer later.

Unashamed AMD fanboy here too… AMD rocks!


Confirmation on the AMD. Allright, thanks, guys.

Danm… and I was happy with the P4’s in both my laptop and desktop. Don’t do this to me guys, I can’t afford another case of GAS this year.

Nothing wrong with Intel JP… if you can afford 'em. I predict the MP market is in for even more interesting times in the next couple years. Apple OSX on Intel… 64-bit Winblows etc…


I have both a P4 and Athlon based DAW. Like both about the same… But AMD is indeed the better value.