Computer Interfaces

which ones work,with N-Track?

Hello, I,m Brand New to the Forum,I just joined today.
I would like to know,what Computer Interfaces,does N-Track support? I,m Running a workstation at the moment(Roland Vs-1680),but want to swich to a Pc Computer system for recording.I,m doing some reserch on Audio Midi Sequencers,and N-Track Looked like a Great Value,Just trying to learn more about it,and would appreciate any Info you all could give me.
thank you,ahead of time,for you’re help…KVM :cool:

Welcome aboard, KViperM.

I’m not sure of the exact nature of your question but the simple answer is a PC with Windows. Beyond that there are a huge number of configurations that will work with N-Track. On another thread I suggested that we have a method to post stable and unstable configurations to help answer this kind of question.

I’ll be glad to give you a breakdown of my setup because it has been remarkably stable. I built a dedicated DAW for recording which is an important element.

N-Track 3.3 build 1516 (latest version of 3.3)
Windows XP SP 2 (haven’t downloaded the newest set of updates)
Motherboard: Asus A7N8X Deluxe
CPU: Athlon 2200
Ram: 2 sticks of 512 (takes advantage of the DDR feature)
Hardrives: 120 gig SATA, 120 gig ATA 133, 40 gig ATA 133 (the motherboard supports up to 4 hardrives)
Video Card: nVidia 5200 chipset (I forgot which brand)
Audio Card: M-Audio Delta 1010 (8 channel) with outboard box (not the 1010 LT). I had an M-Audio Delta 66 (4 channel)with an Omni I/O box before that which worked great.

Hope that helps…

Just about any interface that has MME, WDM, or ASIO drivers. WDM and ASIO are the preferred drivers on Win2k and XP now days. See my post here for a list of common manufacturers.