concerning n-track 4.0.2 emulatorX plug-in not wor

no sound at all


I have had this problem with the the plug-in going on a couple of months now.I have tryed the emulatorX plug-in with different versions of n-track but it seem that in all versions all i get is the pop-up screen of emulatorX but after that, its dead in the water it dosen,t respond to any comands.I was hope to see the fix in the new release but it seem that is not so yet.I am wondering if i am the only guy still having trouble with emulatorX vst plugin.

I just heard from Ichi at Emu yesterday. Emu and Flavio are working together to jointly test and develop to ensure compatibility between the Emu products and N-track. Be patient as it is being worked on. I have to say, it is great that they are working together. Good support is half of the game and it looks like Emu is stepping up to the plate. Flavio has always been top notch. Trust me, I want EmuX to work too. :)

right on thats great to here that they are working on it.I was just wondering as i have not hear anything in a while on the problem.I thought that it might have been fixed and was just missing something in the sset up.Thank for ithe info bubbagump.

Cool Beans
Can’t wait for the version. Glad to know that they are working together. Thanks for the update bubba!