Concerning this posting of screenshots:


My PC is out getting fixed up with an AMD 3200+ and a VIA KT-600 chipset. Thank you, everyone, for your contributions to this great advancement in my life!.. :)

And now, of course, a Question from the bottomless well of them:

My audio PC is not internet. If I were to download some free/cheap app, like Adobe Photo Album Starter 3.0, say, and load it into my audio PC… would I be able to use that to save screenshots from my audio PC’s apps into a folder, put 'em on CD, load them into my internet buggy, link 'em up to, and then post those pix here?

Note: My PC is stripped of everything but the operating system and unalterable peripherals, Service Pack 1, and whatever other necessary things one needs to run audio.

Thanks in advance, one more time again.

These guys post screen-shots, all the time… I have no idea what applications they use or how they do it…

phoo, is a good guy to ask… however, just about any of these guys talk puter language to their DAWs… with no trouble, at all… I have trouble speak’in “Bluenose”… :O :p


IrfanView is a very little and handy , free, proggie that can make what you want. Beyond that, take an screenshot of your screen is so easy like press the “PrintScreen” key at your keyboard (near top right). That copy your current screen to the clipboard, and from there you can save pasting it to any graphics program, like the mentioned.

You don’t need any additional apps to save screenshots, but any halfway good pic editor will make fixing them up later easier.

Press the PrtScr key. That’s usually right beside the pause/break key. This will capture the WHOLE screen.
Open Paint, the app that comes with Windows. It’s in Start/Accessories, unless you didn’t install it. It usually installs by default with Windows, so if it’s not there it may have been removed at some time.
Press CTRL-V to insert the screen shot to a new image.
The use Save As… to save it as whatever format you need. JPG and GIF are the best choices.

Some editing can be done in Paint, but it’s easier to do them in almost any other app since Paint is almost too minimal.

EDIT: Thanks, marce. I got to type faster. :)

Thank You, marce…

Will it work in “Paint”? ??? That is a Windows Accessory…

I got a bunch of “hoops” to jump through to get to that level… But I’m working on them… One-at-a-time… :O


BTW, if you press Alt Gr + Prt Scr you’ll only save the active window as opposed to the whole screen :)

Thank You Gentlemen:
I know this has been discussed before, here on this Board… Mabey it can be added to the “wickie page” and All…

I’ve played with it… But I’ve never posted a Screen Shot… or anything like that… I’ve posted photos… Well…

My replys to topics is work’in just fine… again…

Don’t touch this anymore… EH?? lol… :p


Dont want to make complex the simple, all guys said is ok. But, if someone in any moment want to explain some thing STEP by STEP, like a Tutorial, there exist a great freebie software to make that, called Wink that can create from your screen movements animated images, flash animations, etc. (Here there is an example of what kind of presentations it can do)

Allright, I got all that! Thanks Marce, Phoo, Wox, and Teryeah. It’s interesting, learning to be able to move within this alien, virtual environment!

Interesting utility… Thanks for the link, Marce.