Configueration Folder/ File Sharing

Like Skin Folder/File Sharing

Hi n-Track Users:

I have not played with this idea or experimented within my setup…
But I think this idea would be nice to be able to do…

For example…
we all have set our n-Track application according to how we use n-Track with the machines we have n-Track installed…
and operating, on/with…

It’s unlikely that any of us have identical machines and-or use n-Track in exactly the same way or use n-track for the same end use…

In this regard I think it might be nice if we could share config. files between our setups by posting and or trading our n-Track config. folders/files to see how our cinfig. set-up would behave amongst our machines…

Have any of you out there considered this idea and would sharing our config. set-ups benefit any of us, as users… if that were possible ????


Hi woxnerw,
Long time no hear,
Do you mean exchange n-track.cfg files?
'Cus I looked at mine and it’s not entirely readable.
At least in Notepad.
It would be cool if there were some 'plain text’
script file you could edit to generate a new (different)
n-track.cfg file.
That would make it easier to change configs in general.
You may be on to something !

OK - i can see where Bill is coming from -

the thing is that config can only shange the variable that sre set in Ns prefs - the choices are limited to say the least, see below re COSMETIC - there is nothing in my prefs that if transfered to Bill PC that will make it break the DAW barrier -

REPRISE, N tracks preference’s are only revelent to the PC N is installed on - they are the basic setup than N adopts at startup -

it is the settings that are set in a SONG that are important not prefs - when importing a SONG into N, N queries the song against the prefs that have been set, should there be a difference say, in sample rate or something like that then N will throw up a “difference” box asking you do you want this or that - that OK -

SO, say i wanted to send someone a song that was already setup for MAXTRAX then prefs would not come into it - it is the song that holds all the settings - so i would set things up, save the song without any tracks in it as BLANK.SNG this takes about 160k so can easily be attached to an e-mail no problem -

everything else is “COSMETIC”, the fact i use 20point ariel for track names and you dont is not going to affect the song, neither is my high visability skin, if you want it download it -if you dont know haw to get 20point ariel track names PM and ask -

SO i would say that as long as the sender and the reciever of the song are on the same version of N thats all you have to do -if for any reason say. bypassing N compressor ect which cannot be done without a track then the sender should insert just a very small snippet af a wave file to the timelime, set up the track fader etc and send the song, a very small snippet of a track is not going to mke the song much longer to e-mail -

on loading the file into another PC N then N will sort itself out - the fact that my keyboard is not plugged into your PC will throw up a MIDI error but thats easy to fix - transfering config files cannot make you PC run faster, smarter or better than anothers - removing unused meters, changing waveform display etc this is where you gain performance AND thats where a screenshot becomes invaluable, using screenshots can show all the hidden things that nobody knows about (well not many) -

if your on XP you chould have some graphic capability, enough to make a screenshot, this can be uploaded to

(even i can do that) then either in the forum by PM or e-mail the link to it can be sent to others - (this would work great when someone has a problem to solve) - a picture say a thousand words and saves hours of head scratching -

Dr J

PS to above - re screenshots - its would be futile for me (if it was possible) to send a config file to another when they would not know where the changes had been made, there are many who for one reason or another never look at anything other than what is before their face, and have never right clicked on anything to see if there is a hidden menu - with a picture, if they want it, then they have to do it - thats the only way to learn -

Dr J

here is a way that we can help each other and prove to Flavio that something is wrong (or not as the case may be)

in the screenshot LINK BELOW you will see that prefs is open at the Appearance page - i have clicked on the Volume envelopew/range bar and opened the sub panel - in Track volume sliders range i have changed the left setting to -90db, then clicked OK -

on the right of the screen you will see three TRACK faders, track fader No1 is set down to -73.8db, the next setting down is a great jump to infinity - in other words there is a large step at the bottom of the faders range - you should see this on the default setting as well though it may not be so easy to spot unless you move the fader down very slowly near the bottom of the range -

if you never use automation this will not bother you - BUT when using automation you cannot control the volume envelope correctly as this step just goes straight down and straight up again, giving a clearly sudden drop/increase increase in audio instead of a smooth rise up or down -

now either my system is broken or N is broken - answers below please -

Dr J

Hi Gents:

I just went to C:/program files/n-track 5 folder and looked around in there.
I see two config folders in there…

it is 628kbs. in size.
The other one is

it is 1kbs. in size.
Trying to “OPEN” them is Not able to open…
The other one opens…
I don’t understand what I see…

I just ask…
Cause I’m not sure just what benefit sharing config. folders would mean between n-Track installs on different DAWs.
But I’m sure that a DAWs and n-Track’s resources are somehow connected to n-Track’s config. folders/files

Talking about “skins” folder…
I have two…
Skins and skins(2) folder…
Kinda weird…
but there is


I’m doubtful that sharing (config files) between different computers with different hardware is beneficial.

But I for one would like to be able to switch
between several different hardware setups on MY computer.

For example if I’m using my Audigy Card (with 48k required S/R)
and the next time I open N, and want to use nVidia Soundstorm
with 41K S/R, the only way I know how to change is to go to
SETTINGS and select the drivers for nVidia - and go thru the
whole setup process.(Select Record/Playback channels etc.)
Kind of a pain.
I would like to able to select a hardware config that would
automagicly load the correct settings (drivers etc.) for the
hardware I choose to work with at that time rather than do it manually.

you could try clicking to the right of the hammer on output VU meter and select your soundcard from there, you might find it quicker that way -

Dr J

Bill - you can open them in NOTEPAD click on the botton box and change it to ALL FILTS -

somewhere there is an Ntrack2.cfg file -

when you open ntrack.cfg you will see it contains reference to wave file ive have never heard of (could be Ns demo songs) -

Dr J

you could try clicking to the right of the hammer on output VU meter and select your soundcard from there, you might find it quicker that way -

Yes, but the problem is that it defaults to settings that
I would have to change anyway.
Hence, the idea behind configuration files, as in save a
configuration of my choosing.


Hi Gents:

I got the config. folders/files to open in notepad.
However, I couldn’t make any sense of them anyway…
I guess there’s code in there that is not user usable…

I guess I’m not sure just where I’d like to take the config, sharing idea, anyway…
Each of the machines I have have more than one audio card. All of them has a Sound Blaster card of some sort.
Then some audio card that that will track at either 16-or-24 bit res. at whatever sampling frequency.

I’d have to say that with the setup I have I rarely run into audio card config. issues between audio cards…

When I was tracking it was seldom that I gathered-and-created files at 24 bit res.
Now that I have the hard drive storage space among the machines, I’m not tracking…

Currently, when I have the money, I replace the 80 gig drives I have with 250 gig and up drives…
Eventually, all the storage drives will be +250 gig drives…

Some day, I’d like to settle with a server type of hard drive storage computer that any computer/DAW I have connects to the storage computer for any project that would be common to the network…
The track files would not be stored on any one DAW…
All projects/data would be accessed from the storage/server computer.

just wishing…
I guess…


At the risk of incurring the ire of the Forum
(never stopped me before),
I’d like to pursue the idea of a
’hardware profile’ config file. Like in M$ you can
create start-up profiles.
I don’t believe I’ve seen it on any DAW.
But it could be a real coup if N could be the first.
The ‘user hardware profile’ might consist of saved
settings for such things as:
S/C driver, Rec/Playback channels, midi IN/OUT settings,
Stereo or seperate L/R tracks for each record track
(however you set them), display settings, maybe EQ settings
the whole 9 yards.
But all these could be changed by reading in YOUR custom
’user whatever profile’
For me, that would be the next greatest thing.

it think it would be possible for N to store the type of soundcard used in a song and then set that soundcard automatically as the one to use in audio devices -

if N inserted the soundcard used for that song in the song title would also be a good ides - this would overcome trying to remember what soundcard was used on what song - but thats what he above gave us fingers and a keyboard for - to type it in ourselves -

this would work on STATIC soundcards -

unfortunately it would fail if you open a song where the soundcard is MOBILE -

upon opening a song marked as soundblaster USB and the soundblaster USB is not plugged in, N is unlikely (at least in the near future) to close itself down, plugin the soundblaster for you, wait while windows recognises it, re-open itself and inserts the song

- if i plug in my SB USB while N is open GOODBYE N - 5 minute re-boot -

Dr J

AHHA - look what ive found -

do a search on your C: for n-trackconfiguration2.xml - then open it in notepad

looks like it contains all the details needed to transfer settings between PCs -

HOWEVER if Flavio put the option to SAVE a config as an XML file, it would allow you select a range of XML files from a list where you could pick the config you wanted, config2.xml, config3.xml so on so forth - this could be the answer to the maidens prayer -

just needs a bit more INFO on what it actually does from Flavio -

Dr J

That just might do it.
Nice find.


for those unused to XML files here are a few guidelines re whats going on when you look info the XML

>0< = true (ON) - >1< = false (OFF) - >-1< = show nothing (ie blank timeline)-

0 = carry on - 1 = wait 1 - count>10 = wait 10

examples -

0 - 0 = true (ON), so at startup display full screen, if it was >1< (OFF) then N would startup with a custom (resised) screen

FADERS 0 = resize is >0< (ON), so allow resize

1 = show caption is >1< (OFF), do not show captions

Dr J