configuration help?

I’m new, and I find that I often get the controls in places that don’t work, and I can’t get them back. I noticed that when I download a new version 5.x.x, it asks me if I want to keep the existing configuration.

That would suggest there is a config file somewhere that I could delete that would get me back to the default config.


Yes. It’s in…
C:\Documents and Settings<i>\Application Data
-Track Studio

C:\Documents and Settings<i>\Application Data
-Track Studio5

The filename is n-track2.cfg.

There is a button in the preferenses to reset to the defaults, also.

Sometimes manually deleting that file is a good thing to do when the config gets messed up. Changing soundcards, which may change the order of the audio devices or anything that in in some way changes the way Windows sees the devices, can sometimes cause the config to get confused in odd ways.