Configure 2 Delta 44s with N-track

Need advice on N-track configuration

Thanks in advance to those of you who help me find answers to my questions. Hope that I can reciprocate in the future. I am currently using N-track 3.0.5 24 bit from 2002. Yes, I know I need to plunk down for the upgrade and maybe this is the cause of my problems.

I am running two M-audio Delta 44 sound cards simultaneously and am having trouble configuring N-track to recognize all 8ins and outs. That is, I am not able to select more than a single right or left channel once I click on the record button for a single track. I was expecting to see eight channels to choose from. I have N-track set to use the WDM - Multi driver for the Delta 44s for both input and playback. Additionally, clicking on the ‘settings’ button for each track on the Record VU meter, then clicking on the I/O settings, I have all boxes checked for Ins and Outs. Beyond this, I am lost as no signal from the second Delta 44 card seems to show up on either Record VU meter when attemting to record or playback VU meter when attempting to play back a track of recorded material through the outs to the soundcard. Any advice on configuration that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried ASIO? Some drivers are very limited as to what they can do in WDM.

good luck with this. I couldn’t get the WDM drivers to work for my pair of Delta 44s. They won’t sync the two cards together. You should try ASIO. I had the Deltas working for awhile with ASIO drivers, but now everything I record has pops and clicks for some reason.

Thanks so much for this input and information. Yes, my next step will be to use ASIO and see what results I get. Are there any limitations to using ASIO versus WDM? Such as only being able to record and playback using 16 bit? I thought that I read this somewhere which is why I focused on WDM. Just want to make sure I am getting as good a quality as possible. I have done extensive reading on the debate of not being able to detect the difference between 16 bit and 24 bit so I want to see for myself which is why I initially went for WDM.

Using ASIO, I see in the ASIO controls, that there is a checkbox that reads “Force 16 bit.” No help file for this in N-Track that I could find. Does this mean that the Delta 44s, being 24bit/96Khz cards, will automatically record in 24 bit using ASIO unless I force 16 bit?

Apologies for all the novice questions. Just trying to get the info before proceeding with recordings. Thanks for your help.

Quote (dmusic @ Nov. 30 2005,17:30)
Using ASIO, I see in the ASIO controls, that there is a checkbox that reads “Force 16 bit.” No help file for this in N-Track that I could find. Does this mean that the Delta 44s, being 24bit/96Khz cards, will automatically record in 24 bit using ASIO unless I force 16 bit?

yes, thats correct. If you untick the “force 16 bit” box, you will be recording in 24-bit.

You may already be aware of this, but another thing to remember when using Delta’s ASIO drivers is that you control the buffer size from the Delta’s control Panel, not n-Track. Look for “DMA Buffer Size” on the Hardware settings tab to adjust your playback/recording buffer size. And when you change this setting, you must close/re-start your host application.

Its my understanding that ASIO drivers are preferable for audio apps because they offer lower latency than WDM.

I dunno about 16 vs 24 bit. There is certainly alot of debate. The general consensus seems to be that 24-bit is preferable, especially if you use a ton of plug-ins and really mash the #### out of your tracks. If 24-bit is an option, I say use it. One thing that I’m learning in audio work is that attention to detail is very important, and the effect is cumulative. So you might not be able to hear a difference between individual tracks recorded at 16 and 24 bit, but the end result after processing and mixing may sound better. That’s one school of thought on the subject anyway…

Let me know how this works for you, and let me know what you’re system specs are, if you don’t mind. Like I said, For some reason, I started having problems with the ASIO drivers, I’ll be curious as to what kind of results you get. I think I’m switching over to a Firewire interface…

Thanks for the information and confirmation TelevisionFission. I appreciate it tremendously.

Current System specs -
PC Intel P4-1.8ghz
500 Meg but need to bump this up in order to handle additional tracking.

Have not had any issues with ASIO drivers as of yet but have only been recording 1 or two tracks at a time but playing back as many as 24+ tracks without issue thus far.

Just added a second M-Audio Delta 44 to the system as I have had great success with this card in prep for recording live drums and overall being able to handle larger projects. Growing pains and recording learning curve are a huge time suck but extremely fun and fulfilling.

Next adventure on tap is to learn better mic and recording techniques for acoustic guitar. Any references to resources that you are familiar with would be appreciated as well.

Thanks again for your assistance with my questions. I would like to know more about what you are into recording-wise unless you are too busy solving other Newby N-tracker issues. : )


Its my understanding that ASIO drivers are preferable for audio apps because they offer lower latency than WDM.

This is only true if you are using the Live button and need to monitor through the application and any effects (plug-in) in there to hear the processing in real time. When using external monitoring (like playing your guitar and you are listening to your amp directly, or plugged into a mixer and monitoring the mixer as it is sent to n-Tracks) there is no need to even worry about latency at all. Just use what works.

To add to that, what is better often comes down to not only what works, but what features are available. As I mentioned, my card is pretty limited in the WDM capacity. That is not the fault of WDM, the developers for my card just focus on ASIo mor eis all. No matter what driver type you use, everything will sound the same.

Just my 2p …
I run 2x Delta44s and they worked fine with early versions of nT (2.3, 3.0, 3.1) but as the upgrades came, things got worst.
Not saying it was all nT’s fault - there are so many other variables in this game that I never got to the bottom of it!
Tried all drivers (MME seemed most stable !!!), buffer settings etc. but still noisy recordings, crashes, lockups etc.
Eventially abandoned nT for serious (paid) work and bought another software package that worked ‘out of the box’ and has never given me a moments concern. nT is still a useful tool though, and still gets used.

Hey, dmusic, I feel your pain. I got a second Delta 66 card and I was never able to make n-track recognize it. I also have Ableton Live and it recognized both cards just fine so I knew it wasn’t my computer. This was on the last build of version 3.3. I use WDM drivers but I tried ASIO as well and no dice.

I got so frustrated with this situation that I bought a Delta 1010 because I needed 8 inputs. Interestingly, I had no trouble configuring the Delta 1010 and a Delta 66 for a total of 12 inputs. It worked fine on 3.3 and I’m running this setup now with version 4.0.5 and it works great. For some reason the program just wouldn’t recognize both Delta 66’s. It seems to get confused if there are two identical cards.

Sorry I can’t be of more help but I tried everything I could think of plus a lot of suggestions from members of this board and I never could get both cards to work. That was definately the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had with n-Track.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one having problems with the multiple Deltas. It seems like it works for some, not for others…

The two Delta 44s seem to be happy right now using ASIO. I will definitely move to the 1010 if I begin to experience the problems that everyone has been reporting. It is amazing how much other information you accidentally learn about a product such as N-Track when searching for an answer to your primary question. Thanks to the vast amount of posts on this forum about N-track, my recording hardware configuration has changed considerably and I now understand what so many of the features N-track has to offer actually do. Thanks to everyone for their input and advice.

I also think its amazing how much you accidentally learn when stuff doesn’t work and you have to troubleshoot. I guess thats just part of the learning curve…

I use WDM with my two 44’s.
Just control click the four WDM 1/2 & 3/4 Delta 44 options.
I just did this last weekend, and we recorded 8 simultaneous tracks with zero issues.
you’ll get 8 recording VU meters. just make sure you set all the tracks to record to a new track…