ok. i know this doesn’t have to do directly with n-track, but bear with me. let’s say i’m using a Behringer 1204 pro mixer, which has only one pair of stereo outs that are able to go to the audiophile 24/96 sound card, which has a pair of stereo ins, which is perfect. here’s the problem. if i were to record a drumset with 4 separate mics on the mixer, and the mixer routes all 4 mics into 2 mixes, how will i be able to maintain the panning and everything for each mic, when there will only be 2 separate signals going into the computer?

If you want to end up with the o/p of each of four Mics on its own track you need a soundcard with at least 4 i/ps like say a Delta 44.
You also need to get four seperate o/ps from your mixer which you can do either by using the insert outs of each mic channel with a strangely wired jack at the mixer end or you can (I think) get two channels from the main mixer o/ps and the other two from the alt 3/4 bus.

Ideally you would get a mixer with at least 4 aux sends and feed each soundcard i/p from a different one of these.


Or record the track 4 times :D

if you want to maintain the panning as you say, simply set up the mix on your mixer, with all the panning in place so your two channel output sounds like you want it to ON THE MIXER. you then record 1 stereo track in N-track.

if you want to have individual tracks, your gonna have to get another card and use your auxillary and main outs creatively.

that mixer has 2 aux. sends doesn’t it? use these to send two of the mic signals to the sound card. so, you can use main L/R, and aux. 1 & 2 to get your 4 tracks.

should work well.