Congratulations to all the contest winners

Our first contest is over. It was fun!

The prizes will be handled by TomS. His decisions will be final and coming soon.

I hope I’m not presuming too much on ya Tom.

We never did decide on who would get what, so ya’ll have fun with that.

Thank you Flavio for allowing us to be a part of representing your company and thanks to all who entered the contest.

Next summer? :handshake:

Yep, next summer! I’m already working on it

I’ve decided, I get everything.

Seriously, winners will be notified soon. :agree:

Err, where the list of winners be at?

Thank you to Poppa Willis, Tom S, and Flavio…
in no particular order for working the long hours it took to organize this contest…

The contest winners are to be posted at the RoadHouse Bar Counter in Ecum Secum N.S.
I had to post that bit of information…
Make sure you order Clams-and-Fries with your Brew…
That way you’ll get the correct list…

What a great place to spend the afternoon…


Quote: (Bubbagump @ Sep. 03 2008, 9:33 AM)

Err, where the list of winners be at?

If my "new math" is correct... Bax took all three categories. Maybe we should call him "Skunk" Bax3? :laugh:


D - you’re good at math - how many prizes we get? and how does that translate to first second third etc.?
I’m just fried - I know Tom is working on it but he’s probly doing the math on his snare head between takes of a new album he’s knockin out today. :laugh:

Well - (Foghorn voice) “C’mon boy I ain’ts got all day. Do some cypherin’ already!”

Denrio voice** You tawkin’ to ME!?!? **

I don’t know how you guys structured this thing or how many prizes you have to give away? Where’s that darn half-reformed lawyer turned school marm?


He’s back in class - didn’t think about that when I presumed the rest of the contest on him.
Oh well Bax can wait…
I’ll do the math from the list and see what we have for 2n’d third… etc. then Tom can decide who gets what.

Or you can pay him something under the table to the “Help or Brit Friends Shipping Fund” :agree:


14 Votes - The Rose - Baxter Taylor
9 Votes - Hush - Jim Thrasher
7 Votes - If I Fell - Craig Vietch


14 Votes - Pandora Raised the Lid - Baxter Taylor
11 Votes - The Abyss - Paco Skiinoff
9 Votes - Heaven - Jim Thrasher


15 Votes - Trolls - Baxter Taylor
7 Votes - My, my, hey, hey - Jim Thrasher
6 Votes - Pigs Might Fly - Ange Hardy

There they be… slice 'em up, box 'em… SHIP 'EM OUT.


Hehehehe… Did you use quick cure concrete on them thar new shoes??

Yep… Today is the first day of classes in these parts…

Where did the summer go… ????


Thanx D - What a detail guy you are! - You can admin the contest next year!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Sep. 03 2008, 2:27 PM)

You can admin the contest next year!

If you want answer now, it's NOOO!!! :laugh: LOL...




Just as an FYI…

Cover Songs had 56 total voters.
Original Songs had 85 total voters.
Silly Songs had 37 total voters.

I don’t know what to make of that… but there it is.


Prizes are:
One SoundClick one year VIP membership.
Three Full Downloads from of n-Track Studio ver. 6. (Three folks will win one each.)
One of 3 n-Track Studio ver. 6 Upgrades. (Three folks will win one each. Duh.)
One PSP MixPack2
ManyStation from Manytone
ManyGuitar from Manytone
An MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with Shockmount
An ART Tube MP Studio Mic Pream These two units are ONE prize!
Line6 GearBox Gold

12 prizes in all - so do that math for me - who are the top 12 vote getters?

You have 2 minutes!

I would like one version 6 to go to Diogenes for doing the math!

Quote: (Diogenes @ Sep. 03 2008, 2:33 PM)

Just as an FYI...

Cover Songs had 56 total voters.
Original Songs had 85 total voters.
Silly Songs had 37 total voters.

I don't know what to make of that... but there it is.


the interest is in the originals. lol