Connecting Alesis Studio 24

Hi, all.
I’ve been recording to ntrack for the past couple of years using a Samson MixPad 9, which has been OK but certainly has its limitations, most recently using a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 sound card.

I now have an Alesis Studio 24, and would like to hook it up, at least initially, for the same purpose – to record to ntrack using the Soundblaster Audigy 2.

Can anyone here provide me with the exact steps I need to take to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance. :)

I looked up that mixer on the web. I can’t quite see from the pics/spec… Does it have “direct outs”? If so, you can use it for both your outputs and inputs. If not, you can still use it but have to be a bit more selective.

Assuming it has direct outs, just hook up the first two channel’s direct outs to your soundcard’s inputs. Anything plugged into those two inputs on the mixer will go to your card but can also be monitored via the mixer. Route the outputs from your card back to another two channels - now your can monitor those through the mixer too.

Plug in your phones, and send the main output of the mixer to your speakers.



bring the outs from the mixer, place a stereo mini plug and connect it the line input of the Audigy, not the mic input.

Thanks, Mark A and syn707.

If I’m reading the manual correctly (yes, this Alesis 24 actually came with the original manual), yes, it has direct outs.

syn707s suggestion sounds like it’s pretty much the same as my Samson 9-channel Mixpad is connected to the soundcard, but I just wanted to be sure that was the way to connect the Alesis 24 also, as there are so many other ways of connecting things to it – most or all of which probably wouldn’t work when wanting to hear the sound through phones while recording. :)