Connecting iPad w n-Track Pro to Bluetooth Speak

Hi. New to this App. What is the EZ way to do this? Didn’t see it in settings. TY

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You can pair/connect the bluetooth device from the iPad settings, n-Track will then output to the bluetooth device. If it doesn’t work when you first switch to n-Track, open the Settings box and select Apply right away.
We don’t recommend bluetooth devices for recording as they add a noticeable amount of latency, so they can compromise the synch of the recording.


Hello how can i hear my playback track through bluetooth, my ipad is connected to my bluetooth speaker but i can’t hear my songs when i play them back? Thanks

@vhft have you tried Settings → Restart audio engine after connecting your bluetooth device?
Do you see you bluetooth device listed in the Output Channels page?
If not, please get in touch with us from Settings → Contact Support, attaching the recap that you can find in the Settings page header and possibly a video demoing the problem. Please make sure that you copy/paste the whole text, you will need to scroll down to see it all. Thanks and let us know!