Constant reloads

Hope someone can tell me why I have to reload N-Track every day when I restart my computer. It’s getting very annoying…

You really should post this question the main forum. Flavio will see it there.

You’ll be given instructions on working around the issue which shouldn’t be an issue in the first place. Personally, I think the installer is broken but hey… what do I know… This has NEVER occurred with ANY other software that I have or have used.


PS File a bug report too.

Now that I have the snarky attitude out of my system…

Check this out in the FAQ section…

Link doesn’t work… imagine that… look at the sixth bullet item down…


Or try this:

The problem is likely to be related to some anti-virus or other system monitoring software that may be interferring with n-Track’s files.
One way to get around the problem, besides disabling the system-monitor tools that you may be using, is to manually create a shortcut pointing to “ntrack.exe” in the program installation folder, typically located in “c:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 6”:

* open “My Computer”
* browse to “c:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 6”
* drag the ntrack.exe program icon to the Start Menu

The link you just created should bypass the automatic reinstallation of the program, which may be triggered by system monitoring tools meddling with n-Track installation files (usually without significant consequences).

I have encountered this problem before. I do not know the cause, but I think I have the solution. For some reason, the icon that launches N-track is associated with the installation program instead of the Ntrak,exe program.
Assuming that you installed to the default directory:
Go to the C drive Program Files/FASoft/n-Track Studio 6
RIGHT click on the ntrack.exe file and drag it to the Start Menu or the Desktop
When you release the mouse button select Make a Shortcut here.
Use that to open N-track
I see Poppa has posted the same cure - the only difference is my preferrence to use the Right click to create a shortcut to the file

I have the same problem from time to time. Usually after a defag the shortcut no longer works and attempts to re-install n-Track. The solution as mentioned above of creating a new shortcut from the n-Track.exe does the trick.


I still say it’s busted… No other program I use has EVER done this.

File a bug report… or ten… just sayin’…


There is a bug on my computer screen.

(Filing bug report)

I had this once. Downloaded again and reinstalled. Sorted.