Control surfances

Does anybody use a control surface for controlling faders on the mixer? I’ve been looking to get the Behringer BFC2000 - but I don’t know whether it’s possible to set up using it with Ntrack. I’ve been an ntrack user for a while but I haven’t noticed anywhere to set midi parameters to control faders or knobs within ntrack - can somebody point me in the right direction?



Hello and welcome to the forum.
I’m afraid I can’t give you detailed advice, but NTrack can indeed use control surfaces.
If you look in >File >Settings >Midi faders/control setup you will find a dialogue for mapping the controls to various functions.
I know some of the other NTrackers here use midi controllers so I hope they’ll pitch in with something more specific.


Ahh brilliant - That’s all I needed to know I think everything is in there.

i didn’t realise that was my first post - I’ve been signed up here to this forum for years!!

My band are now working on our second album so i’ve been getting back into using ntrack again!

thanks for your help

There built-in preset maps for Tascam US-224 & 428. You will have to manually map the Berry. Also, I don’t know if Flavio ever implemented two-way control surface messages. Anybody? Some guys were complaining that boxes with motorized faders would not respond if a software control was moved.


Ahh really? it was the Behringer I was going for as it’s fairly inexpensive.

Would like to know if it does have two way as that’s what i would expect it to do…

If somebody else can shed some light that would be great

I just purchased the BCF2000 just this last weekend and have managed to configure nTrack to work with it. Sliders, knobs, all work, especially with the learn feature. I click on the learn feature, twist or move the knob/fader of my choice and it maps the software feature to the phyiscal element on the controller board.

Pretty neat!

Now if I can just figure out how to use a slider to lower the volume of part of a track instead of using the click points. I know it will do it, I just don’t know how.