Controlling FL Studio in N

Hi Guys,

It has been a long time since I have been here. I kind of got away from recording but now my 17 year old son has been bitten by the bug and so he has has a ton of questions for me about how to operate the system and I seem to be suffering from sometimer’s disease. He is trying to get FL Studio to work as a VSTi. I can remember how to make it play but I can’t seem to remember how to get it to not play. He wants to use it as a drum track for recording purposes but then drop it out for the mixdown. How do we control that channel?

Thanks, Terry

Hey Terry, good to see you back here. I remember you on here from years ago.

I gave up trying to get nTrack and FL to work together with Rewire (not for any deep technology based reason) and just exported a wav from FL and imported into nTrack.

So, I can’t really be of any help I’m afraid. But I thought I’d say “hi”. :agree:

Hi Mark,

I remember you too. Good to see you. I don’t see Mac or TJ around. Feels funny without them here. I did some searching before I posted hoping to find the answer. I never learned to use rewire. I just load FL as a VSTi. It works fine for me like that. The problem is I can’t remember how to get it to be quiet or just not play. I know there is a way to see the VSTi channel but can’t find it. I don’t really want to go through a big learning experience again. My son is the one who will be running the system. I told him to register here so he can start to learn the things I can’t teach him but this is bugging me so I want figure out what I am doing wrong. Anyway, if one of you can at least remind me how to do this I would greatly appreciate it.

Blessings, Terry

Yeah, Mac & TJ left here years ago and started up They’re still over there or were the last time I looked.

The forum here is pretty quiet. There are a few of us who hang out in the other parts of the forum here and a few of use different DAWs now but there’s still a good feel here (mostly!)

Yeah, I checked over at Audiominds too. Both absent. I remember when Flavio created the “other” forum to get the bickering off of this forum. I went there a few times but too political for me. I just wanted to learn N.

I am still running ver 4.1.6. I thought to upgrade to the latest but my son thinks my system is already struggling. I’m not sure how much more demanding the new version is. Might still do it.

Blessings, Terry