converting midi to wave when mixing down

I am unable to convert midi to wave

I installed n-track on my new pc and I am unable to get the midi tracks to convert to wave files when I mix down. The recording meter shows that there is something being recorded . But there is no wave file after the mixdown. Also whenever I record an error mesaage comes up saying that there was an error opening the midi input. I was able to convert the files with no problem in my two previous pc’s. thanks, adam

Hi Adam,

It depends on your soundcard which is the best way to do this. What is playing your MIDI files? The soundcards hardware synth or a “soft synth”? If it’s the soundcard, check the soundcards mixer control panel and see if there is a level control or option to route the MIDI AUDIO output back to n-Track. My previous system did not have this capability and I was forced to buy a cable and take the line-out of the card and connect to the line-in. That way, I could solo the MIDI track to be rendered and record it as audio back onto an audio track. It’s slow, but it works. If you use a softsynth like Roland’s Virtual Sound Canvas as a VSTi instrument, n-Track can render these tracks on the fly.



I use the wave table synth that is in the sound card. When the sound card mixer opens I switch from microphone recording to stereo mix down which does show input on the recording meter but no wave file comes from the mix down. Its good to know that I can try using a cable if I am unable to use a more direct route. thanks , and Rush Rocks, adam