converting midi to wave

problems in converting

I’m using the axiom midi controller and the fast-track soundcard (which are not connected to each other, only the axiom through usb to the pc). I don’t manage to convert the midi files i’ve created to wave, i mean i follow the manual, i get to the part it says that the file is being converted to wave, but then no new file exist. what might be the problem?

Hi gil.

Do you have control over what generates the wave file from midi? It could be the onboard soundcard synthesizer (not recommended), a VSTi (you have to have one and set it up properly in order for it to work), or a hardware synth (you’d definitely know when you have that one).

Remember that midi is like sheet music for electronics - you don’t hear it until it’s played. Actually, the term ‘convert midi to wave’ is an oxymoron we all could well do without…

regards, Nils

VSTi sounds most likely. how do i generate it to my purpose?

THE Microsoft Wavetable synth is the primary MIDI to audio convertor supplied with every version of Windows software -

it is a self contained unit that cannot be POETED out of Windows, it has a MIDI input the (in this case) Ntrack sends tour midi tracks to and it has an audio output that goes to whatever STSYEM sound device is set in Sounds and Multimedia in control panel -

as it says on the MIDI to Wave popup instructions, the only way to get the audio that the synth generates is to take a suitable cable and connect it into your soundcards LINE OUT and connect the other end of the cable to your soundcards LINE INPUT - there is no software way of taking the synths audio back into N -

there are alternatives,

1… is to BUY a standalone Wave to MIDI convertor which will do the same thing but using its own sioftware synth to generate the audio - may be stuck with standard GM sounds of have to buy upgraded sounds at extra cost -

2… as suggested by Nills insert a VSTi (virtual studio technology instrument) into a blank MIDI track and use that, all VSTi plugins have their own audio generators inside them so they will record straight into N -

3… if you are prepared to gO THE EXTRA MILE you can download the SFZ Soundfont player VSTi, which is like the M,Soft synth but unlike the other options you can insert different patches into it so it becomes totally open ended as to what you can do with it -

Normal VSTi plugins may come with program banks but unless you are prepared to go for something like NIs Kontakt 2 player at some £300 you are stuck with what comes with that VSTi -

SFZ is the best option because ITS FREE, BUT you have to put time into it, the main avantage is that there are 1000s of free soundfonts available to download and drop into it -

Dr J

very helpful

Another way to record the midi output of the wavetable (and version 4 Ntrack has many midi sounds - roland etc - to not be used):

record, as the midi plays out, from the soundcard mixer - I use ReplayRadio recorder and it has a StereoMixer option to record from.

It sounds it needs compression after that since the unfiltered such output has alot of highs-distortions, but yet a feasible one - not to connect cables each time