Converting to MP3

I have had this program for a few monts and when mixing down I cannot convert to MP3 how can I do this anyone help please

Read the Help files and/or check the F.A.Q. page here about downloading and installing an mp3 codec for n-Track to use. I use other proggies for converting my final mixes to mp3. Actually, I have not made an mp3 in a long time. WMA sounds better to me.



And for the lazy (like me :) ): download this, unzip it into the “BLADEENC” subfolder of the folder where you installed n-Track, open your .sng project, then do a mixdown (File->Mixdown song), and make sure you check “Create also an mp3”.

If you have a Pentium 4 system, you might try using this version instead (probably faster for you than the other build), but I haven’t tested it myself (no P4 here).

Like the others said, there are better MP3 options, but if you wanna stick with n-Track for whatever reason, there ya go!



thanks for the help you guys I will look into all these options and see which works for Me