Convince Me

Convince me to buy n-Track


This is my first post after lurking about for a few days.

I am in the market for some new recording software. I have looked at Cubase SX 3 (I used to use VST32) and Cakewalk Sonar 4 Producer Edition.

I only became aware of nTrack when it was mentioned by one of the guys over at the Line6 forums. Having taken a look at the demo version, nTrack seems to have almost everything I need (although I am a little unsure about nTracks midi capablilities).

I play guitar for my friend who is a pro singer/songwriter. He works in Logic on a Mac. What I need to be able to do is load in his track (which he will supply as a WAV file) set the tempo(s) and then record my guitar parts. I will then send him my WAV files and he can load them into Logic and construct his track (well that’s his plan anyhow!). I will also be recording my own numbers from scratch. As I have a large number of keyboards and modules I probably won’t be using any virtual instruments.

Excluding price, convince me that nTrack is as capable as Cubase or Sonar I’ll get the 24Bit version.

I know that I could just simply try the demo, but you guys have experience of nTrack and will know more than I can learn in a few hours.


Paulie. :)

You are right about that midi capabilities of ntrack are not it strong point (but you have the basic working well, and this last time some new features have been added)

Im not sure that nTrack is “as capable as Cubase or Sonar” in every point (you can found in this forum very laarge discussions and comparisons) , but i can say you that it’s easy to use but also is powerfull. Plugins (VST, DX) Virtual instruments, volume, pan, send to aux envelopes, and a lot of other features that really works.
Well, my little help to convince you. Wait for another more wise than me.

Edit: Ah!, i forget to say: the price! if you really dont like ntrack, is little what you lost, and you have a very good tool alternative to this big-fat-proggies.


I have often said that this forum alone is well worth the price of admission. No flames, no inflated egos, no attitudes, just fellow musicians really interested in trying to help each other make music. Add to that the fact that Flavio’s customer service is second-to-none and n-Track becomes the bargain of the century and all at the cost of a couple of pizzas.

n-Track is admittedly NOT a MIDI editor but it has come a long way over the years. Stay tuned and see where Flavio takes it in upcoming versions. He is constantly improving it!

No, I am not on Flavio’s payroll…just a long-time n-Tracker who continues to marvel at the ‘bang for the buck’ that it delivers.


hey paulie.

tell us what you need n-track to do, and we’ll tell you if it’s the right program for you.

based on your current representation, n-track supports broadcast wave files (meaning the start points of waves are read/written so transfer between other programs is easier)
n-track supports all the major plugin formats except the proprietary rtas for protools of course.
n-track is stable as long as your computer is setup correctly, just like any other program.
n-track has an excellent forum here where you can get your answer in hours typically
n-track’s customer support is excellent. Flavio will often have a new build up in a day or two if you problem is a software bug that he can fix.
n-track does do midi, it doesn’t do notation style, but it’s really not much different than the other midi software I’ve used. you have control over all the “controllers” and tempo and everything.

n-track doesn’t support freezing tracks which is handy if you use lots of plugins and have a less capable computer, but otherwise it doesn’t matter.

pricewise, n-track just can’t be beat. it’s very inexpensive and can easily run with the bigger boys in my honest opinion.

btw, was it me who suggested it over at line6 :)

Hi Paulie. You can download a demo version of n-track to try before you buy. That’s what I did, when I was looking for a competent but not expensive DAW for my laptop. I found n to have everything I needed, and best of all it is intuitive, really easy to learn. I was making decent recordings within minutes of installation. I don’t use midi much so that’s not an issue, n’s midi capabilities are enough for me. So I gladly paid the very fair price and have been as happy as a pig in poo ever since. And this forum is wonderful, really helpful. Don’t be afraid of loading a trial version, if you don’t like it, it uninstalls cleanly.

I hope you’ll be joining the n-thusiasts!

Cheers :D


n-track really does do just about everything (apart from notation). Its extremely easy to use, but also has many “tweakable” settings to help get the best out of it. The default settings for the most part are fine, but you can disable things like auto plugin latency compenation if you want to. It has auxes/groups and the whole signal path is customisable.


like vito would say"use the n track an no one gets hurt"…

I am now the proud owner of a registered 24-Bit of version n-Track Studio.

I spent last night and this morning trying out its various features and was very impressed.

Expect to see me around here looking for help over the next few weeks.

Cheers Guys. :)

Good chap, welcome aboard!


Well, I won’t chime in on how great N-track is. BUT! Reading your intitial qustion above, I do have a quick pointer. As far as your friend sending you a wav file, also have him send you a MIDI file. The MIDI file can be blank of notes, but import it into N-track to pull all the tempo information from it. When you import the MIDI file it will ask if you want to use the MIDI file’s tempo map, click yes. That will save you a lot of time if you are going to try to set tempos manually. All this assumes your friend is setting tempos up already in Logic though.

excellent idea Bubbagump.

Quote (Bubbagump @ Nov. 26 2004,13:22)
When you import the MIDI file it will ask if you want to use the MIDI file's tempo map, click yes. That will save you a lot of time if you are going to try to set tempos manually.

I found this out last night, when I loaded in one of my old midifiles. I thought that reading the tempo map was quite a nifty feature and very much of use to me. :)

Welcome aboard, Paulie!

You will be chiming in to help others before you know it. A lot of kind, helpful blokes on here. It’s more like a family than those other forums. Just a great bunch of folks!



I’ve tried a few other recording tools out there. As a programmer myself I always look for one simple thing when checking out new software. “Intuitive”. That tells me alot about the programmer and his attempt to make it easy to use. NTrack is definately that.

Hi Guys I am trying N-track and find it great for audio home recordings Great work man!