Copy 4ch analog tapes to DVD

4ch audio to 5.1 DVD

I am trying to copy my 4 ch analog audio tapes to preserve them to DVD.
I like the mix and I want to save them while I have a deck that still works.

I see that rhere are a couple of M-audio 5.1 audio cards that seem reasonable.
I also notice that they do not work on windows media edition.

Are there any suggestions on equipment ans if ntracks is all I neer?


Good question - I finally had to let go of all of mine - What I did was use my input mixer and did 2 channel roughs to nTrack - I was going to record each track individually then sync them up to preserve some future control for a remix - but alas I realized that though my stuff meant a lot to me personally it was just not worth the effort - so I recorded them going into my mixer - out to my sound card - into nTrack. I have the ones I liked the most in N as two tracks. If you have panning on your input you can probably do better mixes going in now, than you did when you recorded them. Then you can always remix in nTrack to .wav files, adding a little compression or whatever, then burn the wavs to DVD. What I did was a wav of each song, and burned it as a data disc, then from there I made an mp3 disc for giving away to friends etc.

I wish I had kept the vocals separate on some - guitars on others etc. but I rarely listen to the old stuff anyway. I would have some fun with today’s toys making new mixes for sure, but then I’m having a hard enough time making time to record my new tunes as it is.
The old 4 channel Teac days were fun though. I’m tempted to post one I did when I was 22 - 33 years ago. Don’t think I could take the critiques though…


There is a method for getting 4-track recordings into n-Track in the FAQ section here. Written by our very own Nils IIRC.

I’ve used it myself once or twice and the method works well.

Found it:

The formatting seems to be a bit off but the content is good.

I am happy to see that my old method still has its applications in this multi-channel soundcard day and age… - at the time I came up with it I practically made a complete CD’s worth of songs from old 4-track recordings in this way. Good luck with the transfers! :)

regards, Nils

This might be of interest (although I have not done this myself). There is a tutorial available for Zoom H2 Users that explains how to create 5.1 Surround files from the 4 channel recordings that the H2 can produce. All the required components are freeware and if you already have 4 separate channels recorded and sync’ed I believe you can skip step one.

Tutorial - 4 Channel to 5.1 Surround