Copy a whole track

Is it possible?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to copy a whole track from one song and paste it into a track in another song file?

I have a newer version of a song which I removed the click track from (when I hit the 80-track limit), and now I’d like to put the click back in. The problem is, the click is made of several .wav parts (as the key signature/bpm changes) and aligning them all is proving difficult.

So I don’t need to copy the .wav’s at all, just their positions.

Any ideas?


I would render the track (mixdown) to it’s own named file.
Open the new project, and import the rendered track.

I’m shure there’s other easier ways to do it, just hang in there and someone will chime in soon enough.

Oh BTW don’t forget to post your creation for all to enjoy! 80 tracks eeh? this ought to be interesting…

keep trackin’


Hey J, that’s a good idea. I will probably go with that unless someone can think of a neater solution?

I tried selecting the parts I wanted and then shift-pasting (holding down shift and clicking “paste”) but it didn’t preserve the gaps between tracks. I even went as far as opening the .sng file in a Hex editor, then realised I would probably just corrupt the file…

I can guarantee my 80 (now down to 50) - track monster will be interesting! It’s 20-minutes long, and is the prog-rock masterpiece to finish my new album.


I’m not sure about other versions of N-track, but I know that version 4.x lets you import tracks from .sng files. It’s under the Track menu. Since this imports ALL tracks from the .sng, if you only wanted to transfer one track, you would save that track in its own .sng file, then import it into the target project.

Not a whole lot simpler than the mixdown, but FWIW, there it is…



Thanks Scantee, that worked a treat!