Copy Paste Problem

Copy Paste not working


I have been using ntracks for years and have recorded many
albums and have just come across a problem for the 1st time.
I am trying to copy and paste a small section of a track
by highlighting, copying and then pasting to another
This is working properly on all the other songs I am
working on, but not on one particular song.

Is it possible that I have somehow locked this function
or something within this file?
Help would be appreciated.
I am using V 5.0.8

Thank you

Hi dms:

I think when I did that operation back in those builds I had to re-name the part before I could export-and-import the part into another timeline or track…

Maybe, I’m missing something in your topic…

Do you have that track “Locked” on the timeline you are trying to remove that Part?

Look for the “Anchor” icon…
if it on that track try removing the icon from that track and then see if that “Fixes” what you’re attempting to do…

You’ll find a way to do that, again…
Keep at it…


V5.1.0 build 2299

works OK if you add a blank audio track (and select it) to paste into - else it pastes back on itself -

Dr J

Thanks Bill and Dr J for your help.
I only encountered this problem since I upgraded to 5.0.8
but now I have solved the problem.
I was recording 6 tracks simultaneously, then at the end of the song I recorded a correction, again 6 tracks.
It was only when I moved the new tracks back along the timeline to join the first 6 tracks, removing the space, that I managed to edit the tracks.
Such a simple solution, but having never had this problem with previous versions it took some time to work it out.
ntracks must surely be one of the best programs of it’s kind.


If you select and copy or cut an area and then click off screen (so that the place is no longer selected) Ntrack will automatically create a new track and paste the selection - save a step. You can then move the selection where you want. The last time I did this (back a few builds) you could then expand, shrink or move the selection - the selection actuall is a copy of the entire track. I also ran into a problem once when I inadvertantly pasted the selection back onto itself - the files started getting really large before I figured it out.