copying and pasting

copying and pasting and moving parts

I am sorry, but I have been reading and reading and I don’t see a part on coping, moving, pasting, selecting parts. Please help or lead me to the place to learn. I know I must be overlooking something. I just read to past my AD drums into my first track. I would like to copy it on and on. N-track is great I just need to master it. I am ready to put something great together. I have done simple recordings now for a complete recording.

you copy much in the same way you would letters on a page.

hold the left clicker down with the cursor over the track you want to copy, highlight it.
Then go up to the top and Edit>Copy. (it should copy whatever is highlighted)

if you want to paste that somewhere you go to blank part of a track (or if you have to insert new blank track) higlight the general area you want it pasted to and go to the top again Edit>paste.

you may have to move the pasted part to the left or right a bit to get it to be in timing.
IF the area you highlighted to paste the part into is smaller than the area you copied you will only see part of what you copied, however you can go to the edge of the pasted part and slide it over to reveal the rest of the track you copied.


I click and high light then I use the arrow and go to the end of the track oven up a space. edit paste. doesn’t go there. It says I did past but I think I have pasted over the same area. I am just missing one thing…

Its pasting down to the next track. I am highlighting on track one at the end of the lick and the past is going to track 2.???? Anywhere on line where there is a over view of how to copy, past, highlight, and move in n-track.

If you are taking midi from your AD drums then you should be working in the piano-roll.

hmm when I looked up AD drums it was physical drums skins and shells you could buy,

for that reason I assumed these were wav. files of a drum beat you played on the AD drums.

if it is midi drums like Tony’s sayin’ a whole different ball game.

dontcare :cool: