coTwo midi feature request

when using VSTi’s

Hi friends. Time ago a “wish list” was made. I want to add 3 thing i saw very usefull when handling VSTi, must be said, i saw them in tracktion and found like good ideas:

-Sometimes midi files are filled with a lot of “strange” messages (sysex, patch changes, etc) proper of the synth that created them. Usually VSTi dont need all this code, and sometimes it can create problems. I think in a button labeled something like “Ignore sysex and patch changes messages” or “clean midi track”.

-You can play VSTi’s in realtime with n-Track, you know. But, must be said, is a little tricky. Maybe a button called “Direct instrument play” (in tracktion is called enable “end-to-end”) is a good idea.

Well, hope some other found them usefull.(specially Flavio :D )

Edit: sorry the bad typing of the title of the thread…