Country Rock Original

feedback appreciated

Here is one I wrote as a tribute to girls that really (I mean really) like the band. This happened often at this one club our country band played in Missouri.

Recorded solely using N-tracks via a Presonus Firepod firewire interface.

Any feedback on the recording is appreciated. I am still learning how to get the best recording. Here are the details.

Drums: Pacific CX series with 2 overhead MXL 883 pencil condensor mics; Shure beta 57 for snare; and Shure beta 52 on the kick

Bass: Homemade p-bass using direct in

Lead and Rhythm guitar: Homemade “teles” through a Fender Pro Jr. mic’d with a MXL 883 pencil condensor mic.

Vocals: AKG C2000B condensor mic.

Effects: room reverb on vocals, drums, and guitars. Soft knee compression on bass, guitars, and vocals.

Panning: Rhythm guitar is panned 75% to the left. Lead guitar is panned 75% to the right.

Regards :D


whats life if you cant have groupies man.
ABC and D.
technical aspects, im not realy great at, but i think your mix sounds pretty well done and maybe i would lower the lead vocals by like 1 or 2 db. also its overall quiet.

Hi SaxAppeal:
Thanks for the link… Nice southern “RedNeck” “BarRoom Raunch”… goin on there…

How many guys on your stage… ?

and. How many tracks have you got going, there?


I’m thinking of redoing the vocals on that song. They need to be rauchier in tone and phrasing.

For the guys on stage, there would be rhythm and lead guitar, drums, bass, lead and harmony vocals. So, six tracks total. I’m thinking of adding a honky tonk piano track to fill it up.

I will post the final version (are they ever really final?) when I get the vocals rerecorded.


Hi Guys :
Thanks for the reply… You’re right. All songs are, Works-in-Progress…

When you did the “Mix” how many tracks did you have on the timeline? How many drum tracks? and all… made up the drum kit ?? Yes… Some Rt-Hand Keys… lol… To take the weight off that up-front guitar… Well… Great guitar lines… IMO… The whole song… Great idea… And some well spaced left-hand keys for the “Beds”… “Versues only… Well? That’s what I hear…

Vocally… Call IT and change IT to " 'em”… ? as opposed to “The Singular”…

The song has a “Good Length” to it… Running time… Great Appeal… Hey what do I know…

I converted the file to a .wav and played with IT on an n-Track time line, and re-created a little more dynamics of the mp3 file… Doing IT from the original .wav files is THE way to do that… Doing IT from a two-track mp3 files makes IT Grainey… and over-does IT…

The “Flavor” of it has caught my attention…


Quote (woxnerw @ April 10 2006,01:33)
When you did the "Mix" how many tracks did you have on the timeline? How many drum tracks? and all.. made up the drum kit ??

Here is the order I typically record the tracks.

Dummy computer drum track just for tempo.
Rhythm guitar
Lead Vocal
Harmony Vocal
Lead Guitar

Mixdown to one stereo track (Mixdown 1)

Import into a new song.
Record real drums using 4 tracks (L and R overhead, snare and kick). I mixed the drums down to one stereo track (Mixdown Drums).

Reimport the individual tracks and remove or mute Mixdown 1.

Now I have tracks from
rhythm guitar
lead vocal
harmony vocal
lead guitar

So, six tracks for the final mix.

To record individual instruments, I often mixdown the other tracks for the musician to hear while they are recording their part. It takes some of the work off of the PC. Because I mixed down each part, the timeline starts from timepoint 0 and I can reimport the track at any time with it still being synched.

Hope this answers your question.


That’s great Keith.

The tracks you got in-the-bag, are not important anymore. The track you’re doing in the “Tracking” session is the only track that’s important, for the moment…

You decide if you use IT… or what parts you of IT you use, during the Mix Session…

That’s why I’d like to interest Flavio to “Code” mixing down “Groups” into the “Rendering” of n-Track. Then different mixes of groups could be imported into the timeline during the Mix Session to “A-B” the groups…

I hope he does that in future builds of this EDITOR…