couple of midi questions

1.) What is the half bar or so empty midi clip for when you create a new midi track?

2.) why do the midi clips not snap to new grid when tempo changing bpm?

You know it’s been a while Poppa… but here goes…

1. I always assumed it was a new, empty MIDI item for opening in the piano roll for editing. It always seemed annoying… to me anyway. shrug

2. BUG-A-ROONSKI! (IMO, YMMV, etc…) This behavior always chapped my hide something fierce. Maybe someday it will be fixed.

I think MIDI ‘tracks’ in n were designed from the beginning to operate as entire tracks and not MIDI ‘clips’ or ‘items’ if that makes sense. Many operations that we are used to in other sequencers are difficult if not impossible in n-Track. The whole MIDI ‘thing’ in n needs an overhaul IMO. The editor (piano roll) was/is? pretty nice I guess… but a lot of things MIDI-centric folk rely on are either broken or poorly implemented versus most other packages. (Again IMO, YMMV…)


I have no clue why the new midi item doesn’t snap to the measure. its irritating when I forget to drag it over.
like D pointed out n was designed for large midi tracks. in all my tests the grid has no effect on midi or audio clips. everything stays locked in its current time. from what I’ve noticed if you change tempo on a clip, if it is a faster tempo space is added at the end of the clip to maintain the same length it previously was. it is a slower tempo the file is cutoff to also maintain the same size and then it will loop at that point instead of extending to the right length to match the new slower tempo.

I really hope that locking to the grid and the tempo issues are resolved soon

the midi editor/piano roll is the reason I still want to do midi in n.

Simple work-around there; drop your midi clip into a new track, open it with the midi editor (piano roll), copy the notes, then paste them to a new midi track. At least, I think this will work. I have never used midi clips - I just create all my midi parts from the ground up, so I haven’t had this problem get in my way. But I also haven’t noticed midi parts remaining static when I change tempo. From what y’all write, I gather that clips do that, which makes me think n just isn’t reading them the way it should. Has Flavio written anything about this anywhere else?

'til later;
tony w

sorry I forgot specify the weird clip behavior with tempo changes are imported clips either from programs like drumcore or clips dragged from the wave picker. clips made in n change tempo correctly, they just don’t adjust with the grid.

wynot thanks for the workaround it does work at making the imported midi clip behave better.

I used to do cut and paste onto one midi file. clips are just faster especially when your just laying down scratch stuff for quick ideas. with the hassle tempo changing and having to rearrange everything every time just kills inspiration. anyways that’s my mini rant.