Couple of problems

Aux Send/Returns and Mixer Problem

Ok, theres been a lot of changes to N-track and I’ve haven’t kept up with all of it.

Anyway, I was mixing something and had a nice gated reverb going on Aux 1… so later on I want to add some reverb to the lead vocals so I set up a reverb on Aux 3…

But Aux are no longer working! I’ve pushed Aux solo button but nothing happening. I’ve soloed just the lead vocals and the aux 3 channel but nothing but clean vocals. I’ve cranked up the aux 3 send on the channel to max, the aux 3 master to max and aux 3 fader to max and still nothing. Reverb plug in set to max, completely wet signal… still nothing.

Now it seems my other two Aux channels aren’t working either!

And when I went to add a 4th Aux channel, the mixer acted up and wouldn’t let me adjust the window size to and cut half of a channel off. I tried to re-set the amount of channels per row but it was un responsive except for when set to 10 and 20 per row.

Any ideas guys? Would love to get these reverbs going.

Using a sound blaster card for this particular project. 3.2ghz intel p4, 512mb ram, all my tracks except lead vocal tracks and groups and aux channels are frozen.

There was a thread on this recently. IIRC the answer may have lie in the additional Aux controls under the master slider in the Master mixer.

Oh, I assume you are working on one of the later V4 versions…

I’m looking at what I assume is the master mixer (its also labeled “Master”) and all i see under the master fader is Mono/Stereo button, EQ, effects panel, inbuilt eq/always on effects button, pan, and below it all are the Aux master faders… but they are turned up full and nothing still. Is there a options panel I’m missing seeing?

And I am using version 4.1.6 build 266

Ok… slight update…

I updated to version 4.2 build 2088 from 4.1.6 build 266 to see if that helped. On that project it didnt

However, when I made a new project and imported a wave file, all the aux channels worked fine.

Any idea what is going on? The deadline for this song is Wensday, New Zealand standard time. I can finish it no problem without the aux channels going… but it would have been nice to do it without putting each effect on each channel, then freezing it.

Ok I’ve had a look at this…problem

And read the problem/solution and it didnt work. Still no working AUX in my project.