Couple of songs.

Any comments welcome!

Well! I played the first song “Need you bad” to a friend of mine who tore it to pieces ( But he’s still a mate :) ), so I thought I’d throw it into the wolves den(only joking), the second one is in tagalog(filipino). Both tracks were recorded half with n-Track and half with Cubase, depending on who was adding his bit. The vocals are me and the guitars are by a Chilean friend of mine, Ricardo. I have n-track, he has Cubase. They are not original songs. Any comments are welcome, constructive criticism particularly as I would like to know where I went wrong with “Need you bad”
Thanks Guys!Need you bad


The mix sounds good to me on “Need You Bad”. The only thing that comes to mind is the guitar is a bit low to me during parts where your voice is present.

The Mix on Pagsubok to me starts off good, but when the main song starts other than the singer, background singers, bass guitar and drums, the other instruments (keyboard/strings?) get drowned out and I really can’t hear them especially the strings.

Thanks Lito, I took a listen again and your points are valid. Could be just the lead and backgound singers(me x 5 :) ) are to loud in the mix. Probably cos I mixed the vocals without Ric being present and was guilty of the " just bring my bit up a bit" mentality :)
Thanks for listening.