Couple questions about Ntrack

ok… i’ve been using ntrack for awhile now, but like my computer,… i only use it for basic stuff… and yet… i know there’s sooooo much more it can do. few questions for you guys that are ntrack pro’s, if ya’ll don’t mind.

1. what’s the best way to go about plugging in our guitars… bass and regular, into our computers, so that we are recording straight into the computer, and getting the best sound? i have no idea what to use, and how to do it once we get going. right now we record at the same time, from a mic that’s used from the game “rock band” on my xbox 360. so the sound is never that clean…

2. how do you go about making parts of a song have effects… or get louder or softer. for example. say i’m singing… or doing a guitar solo. say i do it for 3 minutes straight on one track. now i’m done, and i want to have the first minute of the song at the loudness it’s originally at… then say 2 minutes into the song… i want that part louder than the start and ending… and then the ending i want to put echo on it.

now i know how to use the echo, and auto volume and all that jive for individual whole tracks… but can i click on the track, and then highlight a few seconds of the song, and put an echo there? then it goes back to normal after the highlighted part? or is it impossible to do something like that?

thanks guys… as always you can check out our cheesy stuff over on but i really like ntrack, and know it can do so much more than i’m doing with it… but those questions were a couple things i was hoping a few of you guys might know about. thanks :)

there’s a WHOLE lot more that can be done in the program, even with the most basic recording hardware (like me!).
i’ll let the smart people cue you in, so as not to mislead you with my bad habits.
but you can tweek parts of tracks as you wish, and there’s a couple different ways to do it. the smart ones will let you know the best ways.

thanks… ya… i’m sure there’s ways… i just have no idea. i’m pretty good about learning though from reading on how to do it. like i said… it’s like my computer… i only use it to record music and surf the net… there’s so much more it can do, and i have no idea about… lol… like my ntrack program. this thing has so much stuff it can do… yet i pretty much only know how to record… delete… make the whole track i just recorded have echo, or reverb… but i don’t know how to do the stuff i was saying… and i bet that stuff is pretty basic. hell… i don’t even know what the hell all the equalizers and crap is on the right side of ntrack… but i know it looks cool… :wink: lol… and it does cool stuff. :D

To DI your guitar, how about one of those things made by line 6, that does the guitar DI using USB?

Guitar port:

Personally I’d get a regular audio interface, a simple one perhaps with a couple of mic/guitar inputs. That way you can mic things up as well as DI them.

In answer to the second question, the effects can be automated so that they change as you want them to. Check out automation in the manual.

Could a mod move this thread too it’s appropriate forum please? I post in the wrong area. I’m still looking for some help if anyone can help me. I know someone said look at the manual, but I could use a little more help on exactly where to look in the manual.

Anyways…I’m just wondering how I can make parts of the song echo, then change back to regular, and maybe go back to echo again for the chorus…I’m looking on how do I do something like… for example… make the last word of a song echo… say the song hasn’t had one stinking echo the whole time, but I want the last word of the song to echo… how do I do this stuff?

Thanks for the help. :)

Ok - I’ll put my leg on and do some pictures for you. You owe me! :disagree:

Well, Poppa’s going to show you how to do it, but one way is to take your vocal track, clone it so you have 2 copies, put the echo you want on one track, then use volume automation to use either the plain track or the track with echo as needed. That’s the easiest way to do it that I know of, although you’ll need to use effect automation if you want to change any parameters in the effect, e.g., you want to mess with the echo feedback or whatever.

Ok - what you want to do is called automation. To automatically change an effect at any point in the song.
Here’s how I do it.
It all starts with that little black ramp looking icon just under ‘transport’ at the top left of the n-Track program window. Click on effects parameters. You will also see other options you can choose here - volume panning etc… For now it’s your requested effect change though.

This will open when clicked to find this.

Of course you have to right click and add the desired effect first.
Then… go back up and click on effects parameters again.

Choose which parameter you want to manipulate and where you want to automate what.
Then… notice you have to click to choose both the EFFECT and the PARAMETER - you will have a world of options depending on the effect. I chose wet Left and dry Right. (I thought that would be fun to hear)You will want to try Left and Right Wet - There are others.

Then… Touch the automation line - the bright line - a 'node will be created - drag it down for less - up for more, where you want the changes in the track - start and end of chorus - wherever…

All or most n-track and other effects have all or most parameters available to automate. Each parameter will have it’s own colored line to adjust with a simple click of the mouse. Isn’t that cool!!

thank you very much guys. and pops… let me know how much a new leg is… maybe we can get it made of gold for you. :D

i sincerely appreciate the help. thank you.

oh… thanks so much for the pictures and the explanations… i am very good at learning, with that kind of teaching. :)


If you want to put echo on only the last word in the song, a simple way is to just highlight it, drag it to a new track and add the echo to that track. Or clone the track and cut everything out except that word…same thing!

Hi miDnIghtEr20C:

These guys are so intelligent and creative using their computers and music equipment…
It’s scary how easy they make it look…
They use this stuff as extensions of their hands and minds but the key question I always forget to ask is, what kind of gum they chew… and how they edit out the noise they make when they tap their foot while the record button is pushed…