Cover of Vincent

…for Yaz’s Dad, my mom and Millie

Hi there !

Yazmiester’s post about his father made me think about my mother who passed away 3 years ago, and then two days ago my little Jack Russel (Millie) died - all of this while my wife is away from home for her work for 2 weeks…

Made me just feel kinda sad, and this song was one of my mother’s favourites, and always the one that me and my guitar find when something is a little ‘not quite right’…

I just walked into my studio, picked up the guitar, hit record on N-Track, and then did this. The ‘main’ part is just guitar with old strings (piezzo pickup - my other mic stand is with my wife). One take and all the errors.

Two guitar ‘twiddling’ takes after that and a little vocal harmony added.

So Yaz, here’s to your dad and my mother…

(oh and Millie)



BTW - this is dedicated not because of the words of the song, but what the song means to me.
It isn’t posted for eval, but if there’s any advice that someone can give me, it will be appreciated - this is my 1st song post.


Hi I just wanna say that you made a very, very heartfelt and beautiful version.
You have a very nice vocal too.
Perhaps only one guitar would suit the song better but I don´t know - just a feeling.
Kind regards Henrik :)

Your vocal performance is wonderful; you have a very soaring and lilting tone to your voice. The harmonies are a nice touch too. It would be interesting to hear this with a mic’ed acoustic guitar, rather than using the piezo pickup, but it still sounds fine. Your fingerpicking is very accomplished as well. Nice, nice performance. Don’t be shy to post more songs!!

Very nice job! :)

Nice job, oddly, I’m listening thinking about the passing of the Pope!

Thanks for the comments, guys !

Ksdb, thanks also for the kind words. Pete posted (over on audiominds) and said that it would be worth it to do a ‘proper produced’ version - mic guitar and everything. I’m also thinking it might be worth it.

Thanks again !


You sure do keep that SA flag flying…a great old song and a lekker song! Can you please let me know what mic you use and the effects used?

Keep well…

PS: Used to live in Durban!

You sure do keep that SA flag flying…a great old song and a lekker voice! Can you please let me know what mic you use and the effects used? I am new to N-Track, but plan to order it shortly. Have other programs though.

Mic here is a Behringer B1 Condenser, a Sennheiser MD21U Dynamic and a few bits and pieces of Behringer hardware.

Keep well…

PS: Used to live in Durban!

Wihan, brought a tear to my eye. Very very nice voice and playing. Great song selection too. Dad, your Mother, and Millie are smiling down on us. :D

Yaz, glad you like it !

Ron - I skim I like it ! Lank kiff (although that saying might be a little outdated)
Durban heh ?
Awesome !

Where are you now ?

Btw I have a Berry B1 as well, but for this i just used the good ol’ sm58 for vocals and the normal Fishman in my guitar (with old strings) going through a Soundcraft Spirit Folio light into a Delta1010LT, recorded with N-Track.
Afterwards I used kjaerhusaudio’s classic compressor on vocals and guitar, and also their reverb (duplicated the vocal track, cut the low freq’s and sent it to the reverb and let it come back totally ‘wet’.) Then mixed this new channel in with the regular one 'till it sounded about right (at the time). In retrospect the reverb sounds a little much. (Just a little …)

Thanks for listening !


Very impressive Wihan Stemmet in every way.

wow, im absolutley blown away, this is a great version.

keep up the good work :D

For me the tremolo in the vocals is a bit extreme…