cover song recorded live

zep’s how many more times…7216063
my son singing and playing rhythim

Tell us how this was done. Is that your band recorded live? With your son singing live or over dubbed?

Who is playing that screamin’ lead - not bad!!

Your boy did great considering that song is 40 some years since release.

Cool. I think it’s great that the younger folks listen to this stuff.

You’re just having too much fun. :) :agree:

we recorded the song at practice in the den with two condesor mics , son was singing live to all the music , and playing rhythim guitar , i played the lead lespaul through a jcm 900 with a gnx foot pedal . thanks to all, i thought it was a good song not to many bands do that song…and my son can sing i will post a jim morris ( the doors ) cover song he does morris real good . thanks again

Thx! To me that is one of the greatest blues songs ever written. That’s a heck of a jam to take on!
Great job! :agree: