Cover Tune

Need Ears



Hey Yaz,

Sounds good to me. I’ll give another listen through the “big box” when I can to better hear the mix and such. Good job dude!


Thanks TG, any suggestions on the mix or eq-ing would be greatly appreciated.

Overall, not bad, a couple things I noticed is that in the beginning, the acoustic guitar and the electric seem to be walking over each other, its like they don’t quite fit together. the vocals were a bit low also in the beginning.

Towards the middle of the song, I either stopped noticing, or something was changed.

Crash cymbal seemed very bright to me, probably the sample that was used? you might try dropping the level in the mix.

Thanks musicman, think eq-ing guitars may help? Vocals may need re-mixing. Drums are from machine, no changing the cymbals, but maybe overall drum sound needs eq-ing? Thanks for the listen! :D

Footnote, the page is gone! Sorry. :(