CPU at 70% for 12 tracks

What the?

Using Bld 2537 and getting terrible performance.

too much cowbell :laugh:

Quote: (sevenOfeleven @ Jan. 12 2010, 6:49 PM)

too much cowbell

:laugh: Yeah that must be it.
It's a little tough setting eq when you can't move the noidles except after counting to 20.
Those bastards.
A 30 second task is taking an hr and a half.
Buy the time I can move them, I've forgotten what I wanted to move them for....
Flavio's new noideling system is awsome though!!!!!

I’m using my surfing laptop for this. I have 2.5 gigs of free space without ntrack. Actually removing it from my laptop. And when it’s gone I don’t have diskspace problems. However when one of you asks a question I quickly download and install the latest nTrack version/build. Everytime I do reinstall I start getting pupup warnings “that I’m low on disk space”. This is a ntrack related issue. I’m also wondering if what ever ntrack is doing to cause the low diskspace is causing the high CPU and huge drag on my DAW? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I have a thought -
That sucks.
Are you sure it’s 2.5gig and not 2.5meg?
Because you will get a ‘low disk space’ at around 2.5 meg


Quote: (Levi @ Jan. 12 2010, 12:55 AM)

Using Bld 2537 and getting terrible performance.

There shouldn't be differences in CPU usage between version 6.0.7 and 6.0.8.
Is the cpu usage specific to the new version of is it related to the song, i.e. if you switch back to v6.0.7 does the CPU usage decrease significantly?


Thx for checkin in Flavio. On my DAW; Tonight, I think it’s the song. I had a second bass track with a new plugin effect on it and after removing that track I could work ok at around 50 cpu. But 50 cpu is a little high too isn’t it? I only have a gig and a half ram so I suppose that’s the problem?

As far as diskspace; that issue is on this laptop. It could be a vista. But when I have ntrack installed I get low disk space errors messages. When I check the available space after getting the message, I only have 208mb when I know for a fact I have 2.4 gigs of free space. I get tired of the messages and uninstall ntrack and my disk space returns to over 2 gigs. I don’t record or do any editing on this comp. I only load ntrack on here to test it and use it for refrence to post more accurate info in the forum. Two issues on two different computers.