CPU usage, an improvement

using Asio4all


I recently tried a freeware asio driver which was publicised in Computer Music magazine.

I found that my previous project, (that was running into problems as the cpu indicator went into the red), would now run at only 60% cpu usage (with the driver set for 2048 samples).

I wondered if other people found similar improvements. The driver download is located at www.asio4all.com


That’s a great bit of free software for folks using built-in soundcards. I use it on my laptop for live playing, so I don’t have to detach my soundcard from my studio every week.

I doubt it’d help much for folks with cards with ASIO drivers. However, for folks having problems with their soundcards’ ASIO drivers but working fine with WDM or MME (not sure which Asio4All uses), it might be worth a try.

I’ve just installed the Asio4all driver alongside my KX project driver (Audigy2 ZS card).

I did that because the Asio4all allows much finer control of buffers than either the Creative or KX drivers. (Plogue Bidule wants buffers to be at multiples of 512).

But, despite both KX and Asio4all saying that the drivers work well together, I’ve been inundated with BSOD’s ever since, and am now going through the process of scrubbing both of them off my system. (And the uninstall proggies of both are far from meticulous).

But lots of people have nothing but praise for Asio4all; but for me, on my system, everything has now gone tits up.


EDIT: PS, it’s now starting to look as if the KX driver may be the culprit, but, investigations continue. :)

Oh, I forgot to mention; my existing soundcard is the Audiophile delta 24/96 and the comparison I mentioned above was between the 24/96’s asio driver and Asio4all.

It was a significant improvement. And that’s after the improvement I gained by rolling back to an earlier Audiophile driver.


Hey Mike,

Would you mind sharing the version number on that 2496 driver that you rolled back to? You’ve mentioned this several times, but I keep forgetting to ask you about it. I’d like to see if this helps me squeeze a little more out of my own system…


Certainly Tony, it’s ""

I found that the newer versions addressed odd problems that didn’t affect me and the net result was that cpu usage went up.


Thanks, Mike! Something for me to try, anyway…