CPU Usage Display Bug in XP?

Anyone seeing it in the newer builds?

Hi All,

On the only two Win XP PCs I have tested, I’ve noticed that in 4.04 build 1802 (and other recent builds) the CPU usage is not visible on the status bar during playback, except for brief moments just after the the N-track window is resized, or when the CPU usage is covered by some other window then uncovered.

Has anyone else seen this in XP? I haven’t seen it in either Windows 2000 or 98SE.

Normally I’d have reported this by now, but I’d first like to see if it is more of a general problem instead of just specific to the hardware/software these two PCs have in common. The biggest common links between them, IMO, are that they both have DirectX 8.1 and GeForce 2-based video (GeForce 2Go on the laptop, GeForece2 GTS-V on the desktop). Other than that, they are quite different: one is a Dell laptop w/Win XP Home and onboard audio, the other is a Gateway desktop with XP Pro and an Audigy soundcard, and they both have a different version of the NVidia drivers.

I may try different drivers or a DirectX upgrade, but I was just curious to see what others have experienced first. Thanks in advance for any responses…


yeah, i noticed that in one of the lastest builds… thought maybe i turned it off by accident, but i don’t think i did… i’ll have to check if it’s still happening…

Thanks, for the response dimmer! Since it looks like you’ve seen the same thing, and since I didn’t want to sit on it too long, I decided to go ahead and submit the bug report tonight…


i can confirm that cpu usage works for me in build 1801 but NOT in build 1802 (i currently have 1801 installed on one partition and 1802 installed on another patition.)

Cool, thanks again, dimmer. That’s useful to know. If I get a response to the bug report asking for more info, I’ll include that (I’ll test it myself, too, if I get a chance)…


for me cpu usage isn`t shown since i think build 1798!!

I raised this issue on February 1st but as I got precicely 0 replies I assumed I had somehow turned the feature off accidentally.

Thanks jotb and Jeff…unless we all have the same graphics & DirectX version (I assume not without asking), this sounds like a general problem. That’s was my reason for asking here first.

Quote (jotb @ Mar. 24 2005,06:00)
for me cpu usage isn`t shown since i think build 1798!!
Funny, especially considering that, according to change log, there was a fix related to the CPU usage “sometimes disappearing”. :)
Quote (JeffM @ Mar. 24 2005,08:27)
I raised this issue on February 1st but as I got precicely 0 replies I assumed I had somehow turned the feature off accidentally.
Hey, I remember your post now, Jeff, and I personally hadn’t seen the problem back then because I hadn’t tested any new builds with these Win XP/DirectX 8.1 boxes until just recently (it doesn’t happen on the non-XP DirectX 9 boxes I’ve tried). Also, is there even a setting to turn off the CPU usage indicator? If so, where? I haven’t found one. ???

In any case, perhaps this is a trickier bug to fix than it seems, since build 1798 seems to be a first attempt which didn’t work for everyone. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

I’m going to upgrade to DirectX 9 and post what happens.

Thanks again for the responses!


Maybe Flavio needs to take another look. He did attempt to fix it every time it was reported to not be working.

If it’s totally missing, make sure it’s not turned off.

Build 1798 - Thursday, March 17, 2005
Fixed EQ knobs on mixer not being updated when EQ preset was changed
Fixed CPU display sometimes disappearing

Build 1764 - Sunday, Frebruary 13, 2005
Aux channels freeze
Aux channels properties dialog box
Shaded channel name/properties button
Fixed disappearing Cpu indicator

@ phoo: how do i turn it on/off?

I don’t know. I was thinking it was a right-click menu item somwhere, but I don’t see it. Maybe it was never an option? Or was in an earlier version? Got me…sorry.

FYI, I upgraded to DirectX 9.0c on one of the XP boxes, to no avail…but it does kinda seem like the CPU usage hangs around a fraction of a second longer than it did before before completely disappearing :D (Don’t trust this last observation, though–my internal timers can be very inaccurate :) ).

I also got a response from Flavio today saying he couldn’t reproduce the problem. Looks like this will take some more work to nail down…

Thanks again for all the responses!


For the record, it doesn’t repro on my machine at work.

Thanks, phoo. Yeah, it doesn’t look like an XP thing… ???

[EDIT: don’t know why I assumed you were using XP phoo…I need to slow down :) ]

Well, Flavio sent me an email saying build 1804 had some tweaks to blindly try to fix this issue (he couldn’t reproduce the problem on his XP machines, either). I grabbed it, installed it, and…DOH! It was a mess! I got playback crashes after < 1 sec. on all projects, as well as system instability.

Anyway, after spending time going through previous builds to find the first build where this started happening, I eventually came back here, and lo-and-behold, 1805 was up. I decided to give it a whirl, and…it looks like the CPU usage display problem is gone! No crashes, either :D

SO build 1805 may be the fix for this issue. crosses fingers Anyone having this problem may want to try it out. (But NOT 1804…beware 1804 :D )

Thanks guys, for all the responses, and thanks to Flavio for working the magic! :)