Cpu Usage:    XP or N track

Which reading is correct ?

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Got a question for ya. When I am running N track and monitoring my CPU usage as I add new tracks, I’ve noticed something.
If I do a control+alt+delete and click on the performance tab of the windows task manager, the CPU usage reading I get thru XP is about twice that of what N track reports.
This is a concern because my CPU overhead according to XP is alot closer to being over the limit than I thought.
I am a little mystified as to which is accurate ?

If anyone can shed some light on this I would sure appreciate it.

Thanks Everyone

Ted Roberts :)

The cpu usage reported by n-Track is an indication of how n-Track is close to audio drop-outs. It is not an accurate measure of the actual cpu time as reported by the task manager, but it is generally more useful to understand how many tracks/effects etc. you can add without incurring into playback problems. n-Track can display the regular Cpu time right clicking on the cpu time and selecting “Show absolute Cpu time”.


Wow - that’s cool.

Thanks Flavio !

That answers the question then that Learjeff had as well on another thread about the ‘dropout’ indicator…


The Main Man answered my question ! ( All Bow to the Flavio ). Thanks Flavio I appreciate it. Great answer also, I understand now.
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