CPU usage

Windows Task Manager

I’m running this project which is pretty much finished but the cpu usage level is so high that the final mixing is getting really hard to do.

To see if any other applications could be closed to save cpu power I looked at the Windows Task Manager and was amazed to see that n-track (whilst running in the red at 83% in n’s own cpu monitor) was only reported as using about 8% cpu.

Any ideas?



I was running V4 recently and noticed a discrepancy too, though I’m not sure which way it went.

BTW, here’s a workaround for a busy CPU:

In V4, freeze a few tracks where you’re confident of the FX settings.

In V3, do a submix mixdown: SOLO a few tracks (esp. ones with lots of FX), and mixdown to 32-bit format. Mute those tracks, and import the submix and use that instead. (This is a “manual” freeze.)

Another thing to consider is to use more AUX buses. If you have the same reverb or echo on a number of different tracks, put those FX on an aux bus instead of individually on each track. (I remember your name but not what level of n-Track user you are; you may already know this kind of stuff.)


In the v4.0.4 build 1795 onwards there is also a second method of measuring cpu time - you can change which method is being used by right clicking on the cpu monitor within n-track and selecting “Show fractional CPU time” or “Show absolute cpu time”.


Thanks Guys,

And what you say is right but what I said was:

n-track is reporting 80%+ cpu usage (and popping and clicking etc), but

Windows Task Manager is saying that n-track is only using 8% of the cpu capacity, and

there’s 80% spare cpu capacity.

Does anyone see the same thing?



I’ve just run a test song (v4.0.5 build 1826) and this is how it looks (averaged) on my system:

ntrack.exe CPU usage in Task Manager: 15%
Ntrack (Absolute CPU time): 13%
Ntrack (Fractional CPU time): 28%

I believe that the “Fractional CPU time” is just using a different algorithm based on nearing 100% causing pops, clicks and glitches, whereas “Absolute cpu time” is an approximation of what you see in Task Manager. If you set ntrack’s cpu usage scale to “Absolute CPU time” do you still see the discrepancy?

Whether this is the issue or not, playing about with buffer settings (try setting these back to Default) and freezing/mixing down sub-mixes will enable you to finish the project.